Twins.  I love them.  I have twin brothers, the boys.  They would do everything together, they gave each other the best bear bugs and always seemed to know what the other is saying when maybe the rest of us don’t get it.  They are also very different, totally and completely their own persons.  They like different things, moved different places when they grew up, and even look very different.  That’s the thing about twins, there is a deep connection, but also a deep uniqueness.  And as the sister, the outsider, I still probably don’t even understand the complexity of “twinness”.

This adorable pair have a whole life ahead of them of connection, bickering, loving and finding themselves.  I love that.  If you’d like to see them when they were fresh little babes, click here!

p.s. look for some of the sweet moments where they kept touching and reaching out for each other in this session.  I think it is so neat because not many babies get to bond with other babies so deeply at such a young age.
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April 21, 2015
OMG. Seriously the cutest baby session I HAVE EVER SEEN. Well, until I see your baby session. I'm going to pin all of these!

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