Grace and Zach | Engaged

Hanging out in the park with two climbers who love each other is kind of a blast.  I loved spending an afternoon getting to know these two.  
I was especially excited when Grace told me that climbing is really important to them, so important they wanted it a part of their engagement session.  I love when I do things in session that are unique to clients, that really get more into the heart of who they are.  A lot of times that means that I will be documenting a couple doing something…which is what I love to do.   So Grace and Zach climbed.  They climbed and they smiled and they did the thing they love and I took photos of it.  We also took some others around Eden park of them just being all sweet, because they do do other things besides climb 😉

graceandzach001 graceandzach002 graceandzach003 graceandzach004 graceandzach005 graceandzach006 graceandzach007 graceandzach008 graceandzach009 graceandzach010 graceandzach011 graceandzach012 graceandzach013 graceandzach014 graceandzach015 graceandzach016 graceandzach017 graceandzach018 graceandzach019 graceandzach020 graceandzach021 graceandzach022 graceandzach023 graceandzach024 graceandzach025 graceandzach026 graceandzach027 graceandzach028 graceandzach029 graceandzach030

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