These two souls.  They are beautiful souls.  I only just met them on their wedding day, and from that brief interaction I already feel touched, feel a little bit better, they added beauty to my life.  I love that about what I do. Each wedding I photograph adds to my life, to my list of experiences.  And this wedding, this wedding added much beauty to my life.

Beauty in the form of holy tears shed during a shared and private prayer after the first look.  Beauty in a girl seeing her Dad on her wedding day and not being able to keep the emotion in.  Beauty in the form of a cross overlooking the ceremony, reminding Helen and Adrian and everyone else of the love that first loved us, that holds us all together.  Beauty in the laughter during the toasts from dear friends, and beauty in the first dance of many as husband and wife.  There was beauty in the glances they stole and the way they lingered.  There was beauty in the love that was showered upon them as their family and friends laughed and prayed and danced along side them the whole day.

This and so much more blessed my heart and made it grow just a little bit more on the holy day that these two souls were forever bonded in love.  Thank you both for the immense honor and privilege of documenting that day.

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July 29, 2015
Beautiful and Blessed! Thank you for setting such a Godly example of what a marriage is about! Your ceremony was not only beautiful but very moving. I love you both and I'm so proud of you!