January | Day in Life

It feels a little funny to post this now because someone isn’t in these photos.  Or rather, she is in the photos, but you just can’t see her cute little face.  I could feel the weight of her, feel her kicks, but I hadn’t held her in my arms yet.  I am of course talking about our daughter.  Her name is Josie.  I have been taking photos of her like mad and will do a post of those images very soon.  But I am somewhat a person of order, and I haven’t posted my January day in the life yet.  For the next several months (I believe I started this in March or April…and am doing a year) our sweet little girl will be in the photos.  These are some of the last moments that document Jonah’s days as an “only child”.  A very unique time for him and for our whole family.  janday001 janday002 janday003 janday004 janday005 janday006 janday008 janday009 janday010 janday011 janday012 janday013 janday014 janday016 janday017 janday018 janday019 janday020 janday021 janday022 janday024 janday025

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