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This month was busy.  I tried doing photos on July 1, but it didn’t work.  So instead, here are some photos from our July.  Also, I wrote some words that I put at the bottom of post if you are so inclined.july001 july002 july003 july004 july005 july006 july007 july008 july009 july010 july011 july012 july013 july014 july015 july016 july017 july018 july019 july020 july021 july022 july023 july024 july025 july026 july027 july028 july029

“There is a tiny human soul living in our house and my heart that didn’t used to be here.  About 3 years ago this month we had just found out that our lives would forever change, 4 years ago we were a young married couple photographing Mid-Western weddings and enjoying a hot summer.  Now.  He’s here now, he is forever here in our hearts, and for (Lord-willing) 16 or so more years, in our home.  His pitter patter has christened our home with the joy of childhood.  Shrieks of joy – and lets be honest, frustration – fill our walls.  We pretend to be lions and dine on cuisine masterfully prepared on a wood and plastic kitchen in our living room.  Life is so different.  Where we we used to put off projects because of laziness, or a desire to do something else, we now put off because of exhaustion (plus a little bit of laziness).   I have learned the immense bliss that is being cheek to cheek with one of the worlds softest, squishiest, and most wonderful faces.  I’ve learned that once you have a sleeping toddler next to you, it is near impossible to peel yourself out of bed and go downstairs and work.  This life is a gift.  Dave and I, we will have a family that will house and hold and nurture and love at least two childhoods…a true honor, our highest calling.”

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