This month we are in the middle of one of our busiest business months of the year.  There are meetings, babysitters, some extra TV gets snuck in there, there are friends helping watch Jonah so I can get work done, grocery shopping, bath time, and sweet bedtime moments.  This day was just an average day, it was a beautiful day, but not because of anything in particular, just because it was a day of living with some of my very favorite people.junedaysmall-5 junedaysmall-4 junedaysmall-6 junedaysmall-7 junedaysmall-9 junedaysmall-10 junedaysmall-11 junedaysmall-12 junedaysmall-13 junedaysmall-16 junedaysmall-18 junedaysmall-19 junedaysmall-21 junedaysmall-22 junedaysmall-23 junedaysmall-25 junedaysmall-26 junedaysmall-27 junedaysmall-29 junedaysmall-30 junedaysmall-31 junedaysmall-32 junedaysmall-33 junedaysmall-34 junedaysmall-35

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June 8, 2017
You have so perfectly captured "a day" here friend - those sweet sweet moments, and the beauty of ordinary ones. Very thankful to be going through life with littles with you!