These two lovely people have quite a romantic and sweet story.  For starters Manuel is from and currently lives in Austria, and Katrina is from and currently lives in the U.S.  They met through Siberian Huskies.  The huskies didn’t introduce them personally, but they might as well have.  They both have a love and respect for the animal and someday want to move up North a bit more and actually be able to race them.  And to make things more beautifully sweet and romantic, they were engaged in a gondola in Venice, Italy! I was just so fascinated by their story that when the shoot was over I just wanted to keep talking.  A coffee date might be in our future just so I can hear more about their intriguing story.

Then Katrina went and got double awesome points by finding two breathtaking properties in Kentucky.  Driving along one day she thought, “That is beautiful-I would like to take pictures there” or something like that, and decided to ask the owners for permission to use the land.  They gave us permission (just goes to show all you have to do is ask sometimes), so our lovely evening of photography and love-capturing began.  Thanks Katrina and Manuel, can’t wait until the big day!katrinaandmanuel0001 katrinaandmanuel0002 katrinaandmanuel0003 katrinaandmanuel0004 katrinaandmanuel0005 katrinaandmanuel0006 katrinaandmanuel0007 katrinaandmanuel0008 katrinaandmanuel0009 katrinaandmanuel0010 katrinaandmanuel0011 katrinaandmanuel0012 katrinaandmanuel0013 katrinaandmanuel0014 katrinaandmanuel0015katrinaandmanuel0017 katrinaandmanuel0018 katrinaandmanuel0019 katrinaandmanuel0020 katrinaandmanuel0021 katrinaandmanuel0022 katrinaandmanuel0023 katrinaandmanuel0024 katrinaandmanuel0025 katrinaandmanuel0026 katrinaandmanuel0028 katrinaandmanuel0029 katrinaandmanuel0030 katrinaandmanuel0031 katrinaandmanuel0032 katrinaandmanuel0033 katrinaandmanuel0034 katrinaandmanuel0036 katrinaandmanuel0037

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June 24, 2014
I love these! What a beautiful couple and you've captured their love perfect! :) My fave is panoramic shot! :)))