It’s an amazing world we live in.  Amazing for so many reasons.

It’s amazing that 2 people can find each other half way across the world and fall in love.  Two hearts separated by land and sea for most of their lives, one fateful day were connected.  These two people sent messages across the ocean through the wonder of the internet (which, by the way still boggles my mind) and started something that would end (well, really begin) in Lexington, Kentucky, in a church full of Americans and Austrians, and probably other nationalities where Katrina and Manuel fought back tears as they pledged their love to one another.  Wouldn’t you agree, it’s amazing world we live in.

But to me, beyond the fact that they fell in love across the ocean, is the amazingness of love.  It is amazing because we can’t explain it.  It comes from something so much greater than ourselves.  There is a Love greater than the love we have for one another, that just spills out and over, and into our hearts, creating these feelings, bonds, and emotions that we have a hard time explaining.  It was a true blessing to be able to witness love spilling over into these two hearts.  I wish them all the blessings in the world, and hope and pray for many years of this amazing, amazing thing called love.

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