Lacey and Grant | Cincinnati Wedding at the Cincinnati Nature Center

By the time you get to the photos at the end of this post, you will see how nothing can stop these two and their love.  There were a few unplanned things on this day, a steady stream of rain, and a tree falling on the way to the ceremony (blocking the way for Lacey and her bridesmaids) comes to mind.  It could have been stressful, it could have taken away from the joy and the moment, but from the moment Lacey and Grant locked eyes at the first look, everything was illuminated, their love was the sunshine that day.  Looking through the photos for this blog post, I just couldn’t help but smile at this beautiful young couple on the brink of life together with a big smile.  The way Lacey looked at Grant and Grant looked at Lacey, you know you are looking at love.

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“Getting to the wedding felt like the scene from a rom com. Everything that could go wrong kept happening, culminating in a tree falling into a power line from the heavy rain and the car with my bridesmaids and I being stuck not able to get into the venue for about a half an hour, all we could do was just try and laugh about it in the end.”

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Can you tell me a moment or two that stands out in your head from your wedding day? The rain pouring as we recited our vows. “

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“My parents changed up the song choice for our father daughter dance last minute to surprise me. So my dad and I danced to “The Christmas Song” at our October 8th wedding because he used to sing to me year round when I was young because he felt like it was the only thing he could sing well.”

laceyandgrantblog080 laceyandgrantblog081 laceyandgrantblog082 laceyandgrantblog083 laceyandgrantblog084 laceyandgrantblog085 laceyandgrantblog086 laceyandgrantblog087 laceyandgrantblog088 laceyandgrantblog089 laceyandgrantblog090

“I tend to be quite a planner (worrier) but I tried to remain calm and roll with the punches by reminding myself that the main goal of the wedding was to be married to Grant at the end of the day, which I would have been happy to do at a courthouse, so as long as that happened everything else was just a happy bonus.”

laceyandgrantblog091 laceyandgrantblog092 laceyandgrantblog093 laceyandgrantblog094

“What is something from your wedding day that you never want to forget? The mix of friends from high school, to college, to California, and now Cincinnati all dancing in a circle together while we were in the middle to watch it all.”

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