Meet Lauren and Dan – a super cute couple that we knew from our time at Asbury who are getting married this January.  It will be a great way to start off the new year!  Lauren and Dan like to do awesome things like wear awesome dresses and suspenders, be cute and make funny faces, and go for long walks on little bridges.  They also like to do more serious things like get degrees from Asbury Seminary and work while finishing their degree and planning a wedding(whew).  They do it all!  In all seriousness-I loved spending the afternoon with them, and am looking forward to the big day!laurenanddan1 laurenanddan2 laurenanddan3 laurenanddan4 laurenanddan5 laurenanddan7 laurenanddan8 laurenanddan9 laurenanddan10 laurenanddan11 laurenanddan12 laurenanddan13 laurenanddan14 laurenanddan15 laurenanddan16 laurenanddan17 laurenanddan18 laurenanddan19 laurenanddan20 laurenanddan21 laurenanddan22 laurenanddan23 laurenanddan24 laurenanddan25 laurenanddan26 laurenanddan27 laurenanddan28 laurenanddan29 laurenanddan30 laurenanddan31 laurenanddan32

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August 29, 2014
Awesome pics! You guys are so great and your love shines through in your eyes and smiles!