This was our first wedding of the New Year and our last wedding before our little boy is born, and what a way to start/end!  We were able to spend it with two wonderful people named Lauren and Dan.  Lauren and Dan are friends of ours who we know through Asbury and through the United Methodist Church here in Ohio.  They are wonderful people and spending the day with them was so good.

They laughed a lot, there were some tears, and there was so much love.  There first look was one of my favorites that I have seen, their smiles were ear to ear and they cuddled and hugged like crazy and Dan giggled and laughed when he saw his bride.  I love this because that is the same reaction Dave had when I told him we were pregnant.  It’s such a sweet and loving laugh, like he can’t believe how lucky he is to be marrying this girl, like the absurdity of the beauty overwhelmed him.  I think both Dave and I were grinning ear to ear during the first look (and pretty much all day :))

I’m also going to try something new with this blog post.  Because I believe that these images are more than just pretty photos, but peoples stories, little parts of their history, I thought I would include some personal information from the couple about their big day sprinkled through out the post.  Enjoy!!

laurenanddanweddingblog058_ laurenanddanweddingblog059_ laurenanddanweddingblog060_ laurenanddanweddingblog061_ laurenanddanweddingblog062_“Dan laughs that instead of touching him to turn around fro the first-look, that I “pushed him” as if I were trying to scare him. “ laurenanddanweddingblog063_ laurenanddanweddingblog064_ laurenanddanweddingblog065_ laurenanddanweddingblog066_ laurenanddanweddingblog067_ laurenanddanweddingblog068_“I remember the attendants all coming in at the same time after the first look and standing and just laughing, and crying and looking around. There’s an image of all of them standing in the doorway that won’t leave my mind.” -Lauren laurenanddanweddingblog069_ laurenanddanweddingblog070_ laurenanddanweddingblog071_ laurenanddanweddingblog072_ laurenanddanweddingblog073_ laurenanddanweddingblog074_ laurenanddanweddingblog075_ laurenanddanweddingblog076_ laurenanddanweddingblog077_ laurenanddanweddingblog078_ laurenanddanweddingblog079_ laurenanddanweddingblog080_ laurenanddanweddingblog081_ laurenanddanweddingblog082_ laurenanddanweddingblog083_ laurenanddanweddingblog084_ laurenanddanweddingblog085_ laurenanddanweddingblog086_ laurenanddanweddingblog087_ laurenanddanweddingblog088_I asked Lauren and Dan to give me a moment that stuck out in their heads, “When Lauren started walking down the aisle,” was Dan’s sweet and simple answer.  storyboard001“I don’t remember much about walking down the aisle, but I remember finally looking at Dan when I was close to end and realizing he was crying all while having the biggest grin I’ve ever seen.” – Lauren laurenanddanweddingblog090_ laurenanddanweddingblog091_ laurenanddanweddingblog092_ laurenanddanweddingblog093_ laurenanddanweddingblog094_ laurenanddanweddingblog095_ laurenanddanweddingblog096_ laurenanddanweddingblog097_ laurenanddanweddingblog100_ laurenanddanweddingblog101_ laurenanddanweddingblog102_ laurenanddanweddingblog103_“Our first dance was awkward and funny for us to dance too because the wrong song got played, but we couldn’t figure out why until about half-way through the song. We’re the only ones that knew, and we’re bad dancers anyways, so it’s our little joke when we hear either of the songs now.”  laurenanddanweddingblog099_laurenanddanweddingblog104_

If you had three words to describe the day what would they be:
1. Stunning
2. Awaited
3. Joyous

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Lila and Barb Schaefer
February 28, 2015
The pics are beautiful. So glad it was a memorable, joyous day filled with laughter and tears. I'm sorry we couldn't be there.
Mimi Crow
March 11, 2015
Jim and I enjoyed the wedding and reception. The wedding will be remembered as a very warm and personal experience. God Bless you both. Mimi and Jim
June 4, 2015
nailed it. Overhead shoe shot - love it.