“I am just so excited!”

Lauren beamed as she said this, looking at her mom and the ladies that surrounded her as she got ready for her wedding day.  If you are wondering what she looked like as she said this, it is the first photo below.  Can’t you just see the pure joy in her face?  Somehow she was able to let the nerves, the to-do lists, the stress that sometimes comes with a wedding day fade away and just be thrilled.  I really admired that about Lauren.  I always have a hard time just being present, especially in today’s society of go, go, go and do, do do.  But Lauren seemed to be able to let it all fall off and just put on the excitement and joy of marrying her most favorite person in the whole world.  And then Warren, well when you see the first look photos below, you will see that he was just as present and just as profoundly moved by love.  It was a true honor and also inspiration to be around two people who loved so deeply and freely.  The day was just full of giggles and tears and hugs and joy, oh so much joy.  I sincerely feel like a better person after witnessing their love and being a small part of their beautiful day.

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