About a week ago Dave, Jonah and I traveled back home, muddy, dirty, and happy from our first vacation as a family – four nights of camping and 2 nights at Aunt Ashley and Uncle Billy’s house.

A couple months ago I was fiddling around on Facebook (where I certainly spend too much time, but that is a post for another time), when I saw a photographer post about a Creative Camping Trip that they were organizing.  Let’s see here, we love being outdoors, camping, hiking, etc, I am a big extrovert and love meeting new people, and I love being around creative people and photographers, so yes, I jumped all over that opportunity.  The trip was scheduled for a weekend so we decided, why not just make a whole vacation around it! We camped for 2 days in the beginning of the trip to get Jonah used to camping, then got clean, ate good food (including an amazing birthday cake Ashley made for me) and spent some time at Ashley and Billy’s new place in Marietta, then off to meet our new friends and camp again for 2 more nights.

We came back with dirt in every crevice of our cars, (and other places) memory cards full, and hearts warmed with that sweet feeling that comes from communing with special people in the grand and beautiful world that we call home.  I could write more about the amazing people with big hearts that we met, and the special time we spent with that lady that is obsessed with Jonah (his doting Aunty) or how beyond words Hocking Hills is, I could go on and on but I will keep those and all the other sweet memories locked in my heart and show you all the photographic evidence of our amazing trip.

creativecamp001 creativecamp002 creativecamp003 creativecamp004 creativecamp005creativecamp006creativecamp007creativecamp008creativecamp009creativecamp010creativecamp011creativecamp012creativecamp013 creativecamp014 creativecamp015 creativecamp016 creativecamp017 creativecamp018 creativecamp019 creativecamp020 creativecamp021 creativecamp022 creativecamp023 creativecamp024 creativecamp025 creativecamp026 creativecamp027 creativecamp028 creativecamp029 creativecamp030 creativecamp031 creativecamp032 creativecamp033 creativecamp034 creativecamp035 creativecamp036 creativecamp037 creativecamp038 creativecamp039 creativecamp040 creativecamp041 creativecamp042 creativecamp043 creativecamp044 creativecamp045 creativecamp046 creativecamp047 creativecamp048 creativecamp049 creativecamp050 creativecamp051

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Taryn Longberry
July 26, 2016
Love it.
Kathy Ramsay
July 27, 2016
Wow, love those pictures. Looks like a great time and Hocking Hills looks amazing.