Oh Makella, what a sweet sweet, pure hearted, wonderful girl.  I knew Makella in undergrad at Ohio University in good old Athens, Ohio.  She is such a loving soul and everyone who meets her knows that she cares deeply for others and has such  a precious heart.  Since graduating, she has been so good at keeping in touch and every so often calls just to check in and see how everyone is doing.  A couple years ago on a few of the phone conversations we had, she would mention this musician that caught her attention.  Well it only took a couple phone calls and hearing this name, Seth, over and over again, that I knew something serious was happening.  Then I got a phone call that I love getting from dear friends such as Makella, she wanted me to document her wedding.  Of course I said yes.  Fast forward to a month or so ago, and there I was clicking and watching as she giggled through parts of the ceremony (that sweet Makella laugh), and then at other points looked so seriously and intensely at the man who she will call her husband for the rest of her life.  The day was beautiful.  We were a tiny bit worried that rain would make us have to do the ceremony in the tent, but a little 30 minute rain shower delay and we were good to go.  And call me sappy, but I think there is something beautiful and romantic about the rain.  And as the ground and trees were kissed with rain, so were Makella and Seth gently kissed with a greater love than even they know.  I couldn’t have been happier for my sweet friend.

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