The first time I met Michelle, she was with her mom.  We met in my studio and I happened to have Jonah with me.  Michelle’s mom immediately asked if she could hold Jonah – a much needed little respite while Michelle and I chatted, they made googly eyes at my son and we talked about Michelle and Alan’s wedding, and from that point on I knew that I liked them and documenting their wedding would be a joy.

And a joy it was.  I love walking into these beautiful, amazing, and special days in peoples lives and witnessing them with my camera.  I saw the dogs wander back and forth as all the bridesmaids buzzed around, wondering what I all the fuss was about.  I witnessed a father seeing his daughter dressed up all in white, I saw a mother and daughter share a special moment before the hustle and bustle began.  I saw a groom get teary eyed as he saw his bride walk down the aisle, and a little quite kiss after the ceremony when (almost) no-one was looking.  I saw first dances and laughter and so much joy.  I saw all these things and more.  Please enjoy these photos that show just a little bit of the beauty.

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