This winter has provided many great photo ops for me, things like a lovely backdrop of bright white snow and wonderful opportunities to sit inside a warm coffee shop and drink steamy beverages.  We all might be sick of it by now.  We are probably all thinking of green things and barbecue dreams, but come next September we will be breaking out our boots even though it is still 90 degrees because we can’t wait for the crisp air to hit our skin.  So, as hard as it is to do sometimes, let’s try as much as we can now to appreciate the season in which we are living.  That’s what Michelle and Jason and I did one snowy day in January! They walked around in the snow, kept each other warm with cuddles, and sipped on delightful warm beverages at to warm up after.  It really was quite nice and I enjoyed spending a sunny winter afternoon with these two.  michelleandjasonblog0001michelleandjasonblog0002michelleandjasonblog0003michelleandjasonblog0004michelleandjasonblog0005michelleandjasonblog0006michelleandjasonblog0007michelleandjasonblog0008michelleandjasonblog0009michelleandjasonblog0010michelleandjasonblog0012michelleandjasonblog0013michelleandjasonblog0014michelleandjasonblog0015

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