Michelle and Jason are so comfortable together, so themselves.  There’s not an ounce of fake-ness towards each other or any one else.  As a photographer it was so refreshing because I never felt like they were being anyone other than themselves.  I learned that last winter for the engagement photos, and I realized it yet again on their wedding day.  Getting ready photos I just felt like I was stepping in and getting them completely as they were. The camera pointing towards them never changed anything.  When all eyes were on them during their vows, they looked at each other as if it was just the two of them.    I simply adored that about these two.  They knew who they were, two unique souls in love with each other.  I guess when you realize that, it’s easy to be yourself.michelleandjasonblog10 michelleandjasonblog11 michelleandjasonblog12 michelleandjasonblog13 michelleandjasonblog14 michelleandjasonblog16 michelleandjasonblog17 michelleandjasonblog18michelleandjasonblog15 michelleandjasonblog19 michelleandjasonblog20 michelleandjasonblog21 michelleandjasonblog22 michelleandjasonblog23 michelleandjasonblog24 michelleandjasonblog25 michelleandjasonblog26 michelleandjasonblog27 michelleandjasonblog28 michelleandjasonblog29 michelleandjasonblog30 michelleandjasonblog31 michelleandjasonblog32 michelleandjasonblog33 michelleandjasonblog34 michelleandjasonblog35 michelleandjasonblog36 michelleandjasonblog37 michelleandjasonblog38 michelleandjasonblog39 michelleandjasonblog40 michelleandjasonblog41 michelleandjasonblog42 michelleandjasonblog43 michelleandjasonblog44 michelleandjasonblog45 michelleandjasonblog46 michelleandjasonblog47 michelleandjasonblog48 michelleandjasonblog49 michelleandjasonblog50

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