The bride and groom flew through the air, up, up, up, and flying down onto a giant white sheet – supported by strapping and strong groomsmen and fellow party-goers.  That is how this day ended.  How it began, while less physical was no less intense.  It began with reading notes written to one another with tears forming in the corners of their eyes.  It began with Mindy twirling her dress in front of her supportive and adoring bridesmaids, and Kyle getting ready surrounded by his closest friends and family.  It continued with traditions that have been passed down and connect generations.  There were long embraces and kisses stolen under umbrellas, vows, glass breaking, and first kisses.  Speeches were made that left many eyes moist with the physical evidence of hearts touched by love.  Then the party began!  The energy in the room matched the energy of the day and as they were hoisted up in the air with giant smiles beaming across their faces.  When I left that I night I knew I had just stepped into a beautiful love story.

mindyandkyle_wedding001 mindyandkyle_wedding002 mindyandkyle_wedding003 mindyandkyle_wedding004 mindyandkyle_wedding005 mindyandkyle_wedding006 mindyandkyle_wedding007 mindyandkyle_wedding008 mindyandkyle_wedding009 mindyandkyle_wedding010 mindyandkyle_wedding011 mindyandkyle_wedding012 mindyandkyle_wedding013 mindyandkyle_wedding014 mindyandkyle_wedding015 mindyandkyle_wedding016 mindyandkyle_wedding017 mindyandkyle_wedding018 mindyandkyle_wedding019 mindyandkyle_wedding020 mindyandkyle_wedding021 mindyandkyle_wedding022 mindyandkyle_wedding023 mindyandkyle_wedding024 mindyandkyle_wedding025 mindyandkyle_wedding026 mindyandkyle_wedding027 mindyandkyle_wedding028 mindyandkyle_wedding029 mindyandkyle_wedding030 mindyandkyle_wedding031 mindyandkyle_wedding032 mindyandkyle_wedding033 mindyandkyle_wedding034 mindyandkyle_wedding035 mindyandkyle_wedding036 mindyandkyle_wedding037 mindyandkyle_wedding038 mindyandkyle_wedding040 mindyandkyle_wedding041 mindyandkyle_wedding042 mindyandkyle_wedding043 mindyandkyle_wedding044 mindyandkyle_wedding045 mindyandkyle_wedding046 mindyandkyle_wedding047 mindyandkyle_wedding048 mindyandkyle_wedding049 mindyandkyle_wedding050 mindyandkyle_wedding052

And to see an amazing video check out Studio 213’s take on the day. Seriously, you will be glad you clicked!

Also thanks to the lovely Samantha for second shooting with 🙂

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