I like these two.  I had actually not met them in person before the shoot, but talked on the phone and saw their adorable proposal online.  I already liked them before I met them.  Then after getting to know them better by wandering around the adorable Tipp City, and finally feeling the warm weather and the click of my lens as two in love people hug and laugh and kiss, I wanted to do a happy dance that they decided to have me document their love.

They are just lovely people.  Nina is a teacher and Lucas works at a church, their faith is important and strong in their lives, they like wandering around and finding neat things in neat places, they make each other laugh and they both love Lucas’s beard.   Yes, they are lovely, and here are some photos to show it.lucasandninablog0001 lucasandninablog0002 lucasandninablog0003 lucasandninablog0004 lucasandninablog0005 lucasandninablog0006 lucasandninablog0007 lucasandninablog0008 lucasandninablog0009 lucasandninablog0010 lucasandninablog0011 lucasandninablog0012 lucasandninablog0013 lucasandninablog0014 lucasandninablog0015 lucasandninablog0016 lucasandninablog0017 lucasandninablog0018 lucasandninablog0019 lucasandninablog0020 lucasandninablog0021 lucasandninablog0022 lucasandninablog0023 lucasandninablog0024 lucasandninablog0025 lucasandninablog0026 lucasandninablog0027

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May 26, 2014
Love the first 2 - the chess match, color, context - wonderful. When can I come and take classes from you? :)