This month has probably been one of the hardest recently.  The day that I took the photos was in the middle of a week straight of gray skies and rain, and in the middle of similarly gray period for me.  This pregnancy has been harder physically since the beginning, just more nausea, bloating, etc., and since the third trimester, it has gotten harder emotionally and mentally.  I have struggled at different points of my life with anxiety – luckily it has been a while since the last time that it popped up, but I think all the transitions occurring with pregnancy plus added hormones and the stress of being a mom sent me into a place that isn’t super comfortable and fun.  I have feeling that this month will be filled with a more hope as the Christmas season is upon us.  The twinkley lights, the extra kindness that comes out in people, and the whole reason for this holiday, the light of the world who gave and gives us hope in the middle of our darkest times – these things all give me encouragement to look forward and be hopeful.

But back for a second to this month, November.  Even though it was hard, there were so many moments of joy and beauty, and  I am thankful that my camera allows me to see those moments now and in the future.  This is my life, these days are my days, easy or hard, and I can find joy in them all.

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