One thing I love about my job is getting to see peoples lives change through out the years as people come to me for different events in their lives.  This family has been special to me for a number of years.  It all started with Paige’s sister’s wedding, then I was blessed to document Paige (the beautiful mama in these photos) as she and Bart were married, and since then I have done a few other shoots for her and her family.  And each and every time I see them they make me feel like old friends.  They always have open arms and hearts.  The type of people that you know you are lucky to have met.

To say I feel blessed to document their lives as they embark on this new adventure of parenthood is an understatement.  I was overjoyed to be able to walk up to their door, give them a warm hug, and meet their sweet little girl.  And I won’t lie-it made me giddy with excitement to meet our own little one (in about 2 weeks)!  blogpindelafamily001 blogpindelafamily003 blogpindelafamily004 blogpindelafamily005 blogpindelafamily006 blogpindelafamily007 blogpindelafamily008 blogpindelafamily009 blogpindelafamily010 blogpindelafamily011 blogpindelafamily012 blogpindelafamily013 blogpindelafamily014 blogpindelafamily015 blogpindelafamily017 blogpindelafamily019 blogpindelafamily020 blogpindelafamily021 blogpindelafamily022 blogpindelafamily023 blogpindelafamily024 blogpindelafamily025 blogpindelafamily026

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