Pratima and Derek | Cincinnati Wedding Story

What an incredible story to walk into.  I feel as though I walked into one of those movie scenes that is about all the happy times.  You know where they show lots of color and love and beauty and you just want to be a part of that scene?  I just got to jump into the best part of the movie, my eyes and heart were in for a treat.  These two love each other so much, that is more than obvious, they were surrounded by so much love, and did I mention that color?  Why don’t you for a moment wander on into the scene – look through these photos and read words from Pratima and Derek about their wedding day.

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“I also would never like to forget the pure sense of astonishment that I had when I first saw my beautiful bride.” – Derek

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“The moment that stands out to me most was the first look. I was so incredibly nervous for the day that I was shaking. But when I saw Derek, I can’t explain it– everything just melted into happiness.” – Pratima

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“I never want to forget how happy my Father was. I’ve never seen him smile so much!” – Pratima

pratimaandderek_blog023 pratimaandderek_blog024 pratimaandderek_blog025 pratimaandderek_blog026 pratimaandderek_blog027 pratimaandderek_blog028 pratimaandderek_blog029 pratimaandderek_blog030 pratimaandderek_blog031 pratimaandderek_blog032 pratimaandderek_blog033 pratimaandderek_blog034 pratimaandderek_blog035 pratimaandderek_blog036

“I never want to forget the look of pure bliss as we walked down the aisle, for the first time, as man-and- wife.” – Derek

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Do you have any advice for other couples when planning a wedding?
“Enjoy every moment.” – Pratima

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“As hard as it may be in the moment, enjoy the little –often arduous—tasks of planning a wedding together. And take-in every single moment of your wedding day. The wedding day goes by in a blur, so it is important to appreciate all of the joy and excitement that surround it.” – Derek

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“Pratima’s father’s speech—specifically the portion about having babies, and him describing raising her—were a crowd favorite in terms of generating laughter.” – Derek

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I still can’t believe the flashmob happened- the entire dance floor filled with our family and friends. I had tears in my eyes. I was absolutely awestruck.

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