I’ve been gushing about these sessions for the last couple months.  It is something that I just started recently and love. It is different than a tradition session in that I just show up to my clients house and start taking photos.  There isn’t a, “look over here, do this do that”, it is just them being them.  Now it may sound like I am being lazy and just don’t want to pose people-no it is far from that.  It takes constant attention on my part to be searching for the image.  I can’t just fall back on the ol’ faithful poses.  I must look at the real world in front of me and document the art that is.  It is a challenge that I love, and a challenge that I think is important.  It’s important because in 10 years, wouldn’t you love to look at photos of a little slice of your life back then-the way you decorated, the way your child played on the floor with you, your bedtime routine, or anything else that makes now now.

Anyway-that is enough about these sessions.  Just look through these images of this wonderful family.  I left their house with a deep appreciation for love and family and for my job…cause let’s be real…it’s pretty awesome.rayfamilyblog0001 rayfamilyblog0002 rayfamilyblog0003 rayfamilyblog0004 rayfamilyblog0005 rayfamilyblog0006 rayfamilyblog0007 rayfamilyblog0008 rayfamilyblog0009 rayfamilyblog0010 rayfamilyblog0011 rayfamilyblog0012 rayfamilyblog0013 rayfamilyblog0014 rayfamilyblog0015 rayfamilyblog0016 rayfamilyblog0017 rayfamilyblog0018 rayfamilyblog0020 rayfamilyblog0021 rayfamilyblog0022 rayfamilyblog0023 rayfamilyblog0024 rayfamilyblog0025 rayfamilyblog0026 rayfamilyblog0027 rayfamilyblog0029 rayfamilyblog0030 rayfamilyblog0031 rayfamilyblog0032 rayfamilyblog0033 rayfamilyblog0034 rayfamilyblog0035 rayfamilyblog0036 rayfamilyblog0037

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