Golden leaves and laughter, riding tricycles and being thrown in the air, kisses, hugs, and sweet quiet moments.  I drove to Lexington one Fall day this year to meet up with this wonderful family that I have known and photographed for several years now and capture just some of the beauty that was before me on that lovely Fall day.

Seeing them again was like seeing old friends, and I love that when that happens with clients.  I was just able to observe, play, and laugh with them.  Kristin squealed a little when I told her our news, and my heart welled with joy for them when I saw their two boys laughing and playing.  What a blessing to have them as friends and to be able to document little bits and pieces of their story for them.  Thanks Ray family!!rayfamily001 rayfamily002 rayfamily003 rayfamily004 rayfamily005 rayfamily006 rayfamily007 rayfamily008 rayfamily009 rayfamily010 rayfamily011 rayfamily012 rayfamily013 rayfamily014 rayfamily015 rayfamily016 rayfamily017 rayfamily018 rayfamily019 rayfamily020 rayfamily021 rayfamily022 rayfamily023 rayfamily024 rayfamily025 rayfamily026 rayfamily027 rayfamily028

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