Hi Ray family.

I like your family a lot.  Everytime I see you (like here and here) my heart is warmed.  My heart is warmed by your beautiful love and your faith.  Your love for each other, and for your family is something that is special.  It something that you can’t quite describe, but that you feel.  You feel it when you hear the way you talk to your children, the way you look at each other, the way you are.  Thank you from the bottom of this heart for allowing me in to your home and your heart.  Thank you for allowing me to meet this little man and document a couple hours of his first few weeks as a traveler on this earth.rayfamilyblog0001 rayfamilyblog0002 rayfamilyblog0003 rayfamilyblog0004 rayfamilyblog0005 rayfamilyblog0006 rayfamilyblog0007 rayfamilyblog0008 rayfamilyblog0009 rayfamilyblog0010 rayfamilyblog0011 rayfamilyblog0012 rayfamilyblog0013 rayfamilyblog0014 rayfamilyblog0015 rayfamilyblog0016 rayfamilyblog0017 rayfamilyblog0018 rayfamilyblog0019 rayfamilyblog0020 rayfamilyblog0021 rayfamilyblog0022 rayfamilyblog0023 rayfamilyblog0024b rayfamilyblog0025b rayfamilyblog0026 rayfamilyblog0027 rayfamilyblog0028 rayfamilyblog0029

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