I’m gonna talk about 2 kind hearted wonderful people for a little bit okay?  Rebecca and Nick were married in May and their wedding was the perfect celebration of two souls becoming one.  I began my day with them at Rebecca’s parents home.  There were butterflys in the air as everyone prepared for the big day.  Three little munchkins were running around feeling rather important and excited and looking quite adorable.  Bridesmaids steamed dresses and sipped on champagne.  And beautiful Rebecca got her hair done and slipped into her beautiful dress as the anticipation began to build.  Like many brides, I could see that she was starting to get excited/nervous/butterfly-y but I knew, as soon as she walked down the aisle towards her Nick, it would all fade away.  And it did.  As they saw each other, you could just see the love swell in their hearts.  After their vows and a sweet kiss they were whisked off to a wooded fairytale-like reception.  The green trees just seemed to hug the reception tent and building, giving a sweet, warm glow to the whole evening.  A lovely love-filled day indeed.

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