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I love seeing my family beautiful, crazy lives.  It reminds me of my crazy beautiful life.  Photographing families with toddlers is SO much fun to me.  Funny to think that I used to not be as sure about toddler shoots.  They would make me a little nervous – I didn’t know how to relate to little people as well.  I didn’t know what is was like to have a little person call you mom (and I knew I’d be getting a workout chasing them around).  But now I know.  I know the intense love and beauty that these little people bring into families (and I am chasing my own little guy around all day, so I’m totally used it at shoots:)).   It’s a fierce, wild, emotions on your sleeve, warm snuggles kind of love.

These two wonderful families let me into their homes and lives for a couple hours.  Gosh are families amazing.  I do so love my job. may18_blog001 may18_blog002 may18_blog003 may18_blog004 may18_blog005 may18_blog006 may18_blog007 may18_blog008 may18_blog009 may18_blog010 may18_blog011 may18_blog012 may18_blog013 may18_blog014 may18_blog015 may18_blog016 may18_blog017 may18_blog018 may18_blog019 may18_blog020 may18_blog021 may18_blog022 may18_blog023 may18_blog024 may18_blog025 may18_blog026 may18_blog027 may18_blog028 may18_blog029 may18_blog030 may18_blog031 may18_blog032 may18_blog033 may18_blog034 may18_blog035 may18_blog036 may18_blog037 may18_blog038 may18_blog039 may18_blog040

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