I know Ruth from Wilmore and have always just loved and been drawn to her sweet, bubbly, friendly personality.  Our time in Wilmore didn’t overlap as much as I would have liked, but every time we did hang out I was just so struck with how it seems like she knows no stranger and has such a heart to get to know you.  So I was thrilled when she asked if I would be available to do engagement photos for her and her sweet fiance, David.  They came up to Cincinnati to explore the city, and I took photos of them just being together and in love.  It was a cold day, but they were such troopers and I kind of love how the cold made them extra snuggly (winter has it’s ups and downs, but one thing I have always loved about it is the cuddle-factor, cuddling in the winter just makes sense).  Anyway, we had a wonderful time wondering around the city and spending the afternoon together.  (oh and p.s. we made sure the ice was completely frozen before going out on it-in face there was someone ice skating and several people playing on it!!) ruthanddavid001 ruthanddavid002 ruthanddavid003 ruthanddavid004 ruthanddavid005 ruthanddavid007 ruthanddavid008 ruthanddavid009 ruthanddavid010 ruthanddavid011 ruthanddavid012 ruthanddavid013 ruthanddavid014 ruthanddavid015 ruthanddavid016 ruthanddavid017 ruthanddavid018 ruthanddavid019 ruthanddavid020 ruthanddavid021 ruthanddavid022 ruthanddavid023 ruthanddavid024 ruthanddavid025

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