These two are wonderful.  And getting to know them over a beautiful Fall evening was a pleasure. I have started to have clients fill out this worksheet where they tell me a little bit more about themselves and their love story.  I love doing this because even before I show up to the shoot, I know a little bit more about the two unique people who are about to allow me to photography them.  When I read Sam and Victor’s sheet I felt like I knew them and their sweet, coffee-filled, friends-filled, lobster-filled romance.  And through out the whole shoot I could see by the way they looked at each other that all the things they wrote on that worksheet were so very true.

Next Fall I get to see them make pledges of their love in front of family and friends and I couldn’t be more honored.samanthaandvictorblog001samanthaandvictorblog003 samanthaandvictorblog004 samanthaandvictorblog005 samanthaandvictorblog006 samanthaandvictorblog007 samanthaandvictorblog008 samanthaandvictorblog009 samanthaandvictorblog010 samanthaandvictorblog011 samanthaandvictorblog012 samanthaandvictorblog013 samanthaandvictorblog014 samanthaandvictorblog015 samanthaandvictorblog016 samanthaandvictorblog017 samanthaandvictorblog018 samanthaandvictorblog019 samanthaandvictorblog020 samanthaandvictorblog021 samanthaandvictorblog022 samanthaandvictorblog023 samanthaandvictorblog024 samanthaandvictorblog025 samanthaandvictorblog026 samanthaandvictorblog027 samanthaandvictorblog028 samanthaandvictorblog029 samanthaandvictorblog030 samanthaandvictorblog031 samanthaandvictorblog032 samanthaandvictorblog033 samanthaandvictorblog034 samanthaandvictorblog035

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