There is always something a little exciting but also intimidating about photographing another photographer.  Sara and I were in the same graduating class at Ohio University where we studied photojournalism and worked together some at the school newspaper. We stressed about getting assignments in on time, were always trying to find new and interesting subjects in the over-photographed small town of Athens, Ohio, and shared the joys of learning alongside so many talented students from some amazing professors.  It was a really rich time of learning for me, and I am sure Sara would say the same.

SO…of course I wanted to deliver images to Sara that she would treasure as well as respect as an artist and journalist, you know, no pressure.  But when I got there, I kind of forgot about the pressure.  I just enjoyed catching up and spending the evening with two lovely people.  And in some ways,  I think that is the way some of my best work is done.saraandbrian_engagementblog001 saraandbrian_engagementblog002 saraandbrian_engagementblog003 saraandbrian_engagementblog004 saraandbrian_engagementblog005 saraandbrian_engagementblog006 saraandbrian_engagementblog007 saraandbrian_engagementblog008 saraandbrian_engagementblog009 saraandbrian_engagementblog010 saraandbrian_engagementblog011 saraandbrian_engagementblog012 saraandbrian_engagementblog013 saraandbrian_engagementblog014 saraandbrian_engagementblog015 saraandbrian_engagementblog016 saraandbrian_engagementblog017 saraandbrian_engagementblog018 saraandbrian_engagementblog019 saraandbrian_engagementblog020 saraandbrian_engagementblog021 saraandbrian_engagementblog022 saraandbrian_engagementblog023 saraandbrian_engagementblog024 saraandbrian_engagementblog025 saraandbrian_engagementblog026 saraandbrian_engagementblog027 saraandbrian_engagementblog028 saraandbrian_engagementblog029

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Christine Tobias
October 30, 2014
Stephanie, your gorgeous photos of my baby brought tears to my eyes. They look so beautiful in these shots! And so happy together! Thank you so much for your work.
Vanessa Gilbert
June 3, 2015
I just talked to my dad who just told me he threw his back out and he said he had to go see Dr. Downey and i was like of Brian Downey's dad? and he was like yeah and I was like how is he and he said Brian just got married and I was like no way! To Sara Tobias? and he was like that's what your mom said and shoot! Here you two are. A very very happy congratulations to you both!