I couldn’t get over the little man in this family. He was so expressive and sharp. He would tell me things, and ask me questions, and seemed to know exactly how I wanted him to pose.  His little blonde head of hair rain explored the river at Sharon woods, kissed his mom and dad and stood up straight after sliding down the slide.  I just loved spending a little time with this little guy and his family.  A lovely afternoon!sauerfamily001 sauerfamily002 sauerfamily003 sauerfamily004 sauerfamily005 sauerfamily006 sauerfamily007 sauerfamily008 sauerfamily009 sauerfamily010 sauerfamily011 sauerfamily012 sauerfamily013 sauerfamily014 sauerfamily015 sauerfamily018 sauerfamily017 sauerfamily019 sauerfamily016

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