You ready for a glimpse into the lives of two sweet twin siblings?

These two doll babies seem to have a lot of fun with the parents and their little pup doing things like reading, learning to crawl, rolling over, and just basically growing cuter and cuter everyday.

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family last month and was just so happy to be there.  It’s one of those sessions that I want all my clients to see and think about doing for themselves.  We just spent time hanging out around their house, doing things that they do, playing, laying on the floor, having dinner. These are things that are so simple, yet so important.  And they are things that so often go undocumented or even unremembered.  How special to have photos that really remind you of what life was like at that point in time.  I am so thankful for people like this family who allow me to create photos that I am passionate about, and that they will appreciate for years to come.  Now enjoy the sweetness.Schweerfamilyblog181 Schweerfamilyblog182 Schweerfamilyblog183 Schweerfamilyblog184 Schweerfamilyblog185 Schweerfamilyblog186 Schweerfamilyblog187 Schweerfamilyblog188 Schweerfamilyblog189 Schweerfamilyblog190 Schweerfamilyblog191 Schweerfamilyblog192 Schweerfamilyblog193 Schweerfamilyblog194 Schweerfamilyblog195 Schweerfamilyblog196 Schweerfamilyblog197 Schweerfamilyblog198 Schweerfamilyblog199 Schweerfamilyblog200 Schweerfamilyblog201 Schweerfamilyblog202 Schweerfamilyblog203 Schweerfamilyblog204 Schweerfamilyblog205 Schweerfamilyblog206 Schweerfamilyblog207 Schweerfamilyblog208 Schweerfamilyblog209 Schweerfamilyblog210/

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January 8, 2015
Michael & Karla, the pictures of you and the kids are beautiful - house is gorgeous. So glad your mom shared them with me. Love, Aunt Louie