September | Day in Our Life

This month is a special month.  Well, really the last 5 months have been special.  But this is the first month that we have known that little baby that is miraculously growing inside of my body is a little girl.  Yep, we are pregnant! We haven’t mentioned anything on social media yet.  Mostly because the more we thought about it, the more we actually felt that this great news wasn’t really the internets first.  First we wanted to revel in it, share our joy with family and friends, dream about two little humans running around our house, giggling and being sweet children.  Now we are at a point where we are excited to share the news with a broader group of people that we will be welcoming a little baby girl into our family in January (my belly is also getting way to big to cover in random posts)!

So here is a day in September.  There was painting, playing and maybe a little more waddling than previous months, making lunch for little fingers and big pregnant mommy appetites, there was napping and dreaming of our little girl – a very good day.

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