This weekend seems like the perfect time to post this water-filled, summer documentary shoot.   Can’t you just feel the summer in these photos?  I certainly could while I was taking them.  I felt like I was transported back to splashing around and wandering barefoot with my brothers and cousins.  I had a serious wave of nostalgia hit me as I looked through the viewfinder.  I couldn’t help but hope and dream that someday these photos would take these kids back to these very special days.  My dear friend, Stephanie, hired me to document their family’s yearly cookout/family gathering at their lake house : water guns, lake-hair, food-filled counters and all.  I am so thankful to her for allowing me to be a part of her family for the day.

And for all you future clients out there, I dream of this kind of session.  Do you have any special traditions or just simple times that just feel so good, times when you look around and thing, this right here is the good stuff.  Maybe it’s as small as your evening routine with your little ones who you know will grow and begin to put themselves to bed, or maybe it is a family reunion at a lake-house, or maybe it is the weekly trip the farmers market.  Please please please don’t think that you can only make good photos in a park with everyone all dressed up and looking at the camera.  I want to photograph your good stuff.

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