Suzy and Justin | Engaged

As a Virginian girl who lived half my growing up days in a house nestled in the woods, surrounded by land and the Blue Ridge Mountains, my heart does a little happy dance when I am surrounded by sky and grass.  When you can’t see a house or hear a car in the distance I feel a lightening in my spirit.  So when I arrived to the wide open space in Indiana that Suzy and Justin will soon build their first home, I knew it would be a good afternoon.  I knew that hearing the birds chirping and feeling the wind blow our hair and traipsing around getting my boots a little muddy would be good for my soul.  And it was.

It was also good for my soul to see these two people in front of my camera.  I saw them love each other, laugh and giggle, and just be sweet.  I saw all that against the backdrop of the early Spring grass and the tree-lines that they will look at for years and years to come.  They will work the land, enjoy the land, maybe someday see little ones running around and squealing because they feel the wind on the face.  It was hard not to imagine this as I stood there, looking at two people in love on the property that will hold their stories and their hearts.  Suzy and Justin, from the bottom of my country-loving heart, thank you.

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  1. What a lovely session. I love the grainy quality of these. And they make me excited about early spring. So many people are hesitant to get pictures this time of year with no leave on the trees yet, but these are great! As always, love your work!

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