I have been working on these images for the past week or so, and every time I sneak back to these images, I get to revisit one of the most beautiful couples inside and out.  I’m reminded of the engagement session that we had at the property where the reception would be.  We walked around as they dreamed of the future.  They dreamed of a wedding reception – a tent, music, much laughter and children running all around.  They dreamed of this yes, but they dreamed of so much more.  Because this property is also where they will build their future home.  Being able to witness the very beginning of this journey is a humbling honor.  I imagine them at different life stages, looking out at the fields and the big blue sky, watching their children play, practice sports, wait up when they come home late. I imagine their hands getting more wrinkly as they hold their grandchildren in their arms.  I could be getting all sentimental like I tend to do.  But their wedding day was as perfect as anyone could dream up – who’s to say the rest of their life won’t be the same.

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October 21, 2016
Absolutely beautiful pics of a beautiful couple!
    Stephanie Lyell
    October 22, 2016
    Thanks Anita!! I really appreciate your sweet words!!