When you get to meet a person that is seeing this world for the first time, a person who only knows the love and comfort of their parents, a person who you know will grow and learn and become a part of this crazy world, when you get to meet those people, you are blessed beyond words.  In my job, I have the huge honor of meeting and photographing these tiny, squishy, lovable little people…babies.  Oh babies, they are so beautiful, so full of promise and love.   This winter I have been so honored to document several different families as they welcome and get to know these amazing little humans.  Here are just a few photos from some of those special families.

babes001 babes002 babes003 babes004 babes005 babes006 babes007 babes008 babes009 babes010 babes011 babes012 babes013

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