Best of 2015

So it’s March 2nd.  It’s still within the first 1/4 of the year, so this post is still on time…by my standards.  By the standards of a new mama (whose babe got sick 2x this winter along with 2x colds for mama and papa etc etc), I’d say it’s right on time!  Haha.  But enough about the excuses.  This year has been so good to us.  First of all we had our little baby boy Jonah.  Being a parent is . . . INSANE!  Oh my goodness, my world has been rocked.  It’s amazing, hard, beautiful, tiring, and a million other adjectives.  Professionally it was quite a good year to.  We got to meet lot’s of amazing people, and come alongside them to photograph some really beautiful and special moments.  And since becoming a parent, my whole view of photography frown as well.  It’s opened my eyes even more to the importance of little moments and documenting and savoring the fleeting but glorious time we have been given.  So here is my year whittled down (and if a couple Jonah photos sneak their way in…I’m sorry/not sorry:))

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Rebecca and Nick


I love hiking.  I don’t get to do it enough because I am working a lot, so when I photo shoot involves a gorgeous hike through wooded Ohio, I get all giddy.  When the hike involves two people as sweet and wonderful as Rebecca and Nick, well it’s really not gonna get any better than that.  I came back from this shoot (after getting lost because my phone died and I realized how helpless I am with out my smartphone – which is sad) I was so excited and invigorated.  It felt like such a good, real, wonderful shoot.  I was documenting something real.  These two like to adventure around together.  I just happened to adventure with them and take photos along the way.  Seriously, it was as simple as that, and the resulting photos are some of my favorites.  Thanks Becca and Nick for letting tag along and making my week!

rebeccaandnick001 rebeccaandnick002 rebeccaandnick003 rebeccaandnick004 rebeccaandnick005 rebeccaandnick006 rebeccaandnick007 rebeccaandnick008 rebeccaandnick009 rebeccaandnick010 rebeccaandnick011 rebeccaandnick012 rebeccaandnick013 rebeccaandnick014 rebeccaandnick015 rebeccaandnick016 rebeccaandnick017 rebeccaandnick018 rebeccaandnick019 rebeccaandnick020 rebeccaandnick021 rebeccaandnick022 rebeccaandnick023 rebeccaandnick024 rebeccaandnick025 rebeccaandnick026 rebeccaandnick027

Mindy and Kyle | Full Post

This was one of those evenings where everything was just “clicking” (ridiculous-pun-fully intended).  There was the gorgeous weather and the sun just doing her thing peeking through, warming us up, saying hi through golden green leaves. Then there was the location, Mt Airy Forest, one of my favorite places to explore (I have shot there so many times, and I feel like I am always finding new ways to shoot there). And then of course we have an adorable, happy, and pretty hilarious couple.  Mindy and Kyle were so sweet and just had so much fun.  Kyle had us all laughing the whole time.  I am envisioning years and years of belly laughs in the future for these two.  Yes, it was a lovely evening to take photos of lovely people.

mindyandkyle_engagementblog001 mindyandkyle_engagementblog002 mindyandkyle_engagementblog003 mindyandkyle_engagementblog004 mindyandkyle_engagementblog005 mindyandkyle_engagementblog006 mindyandkyle_engagementblog007 mindyandkyle_engagementblog008 mindyandkyle_engagementblog009 mindyandkyle_engagementblog010 mindyandkyle_engagementblog011 mindyandkyle_engagementblog012 mindyandkyle_engagementblog013 mindyandkyle_engagementblog014 mindyandkyle_engagementblog015 mindyandkyle_engagementblog016 mindyandkyle_engagementblog017 mindyandkyle_engagementblog018 mindyandkyle_engagementblog019 mindyandkyle_engagementblog020 mindyandkyle_engagementblog021 mindyandkyle_engagementblog022 mindyandkyle_engagementblog023 mindyandkyle_engagementblog024 mindyandkyle_engagementblog025 mindyandkyle_engagementblog026 mindyandkyle_engagementblog027 mindyandkyle_engagementblog028 mindyandkyle_engagementblog029 mindyandkyle_engagementblog030 mindyandkyle_engagementblog031 mindyandkyle_engagementblog032 mindyandkyle_engagementblog033 mindyandkyle_engagementblog034 mindyandkyle_engagementblog035 mindyandkyle_engagementblog036

Leigh and Andy

We did just that, we walked, we snapped photos, we laughed, we talked.  Andy and Leigh just moved from Wilmore, Kentucky to the next stage in their journey together as husband and wife.  And just before they moved, they came up to Cincinnati for a shoot.  We knew Andy and Leigh from when we lived in Kentucky, in fact, Dave worked with Andy.  They are good people and good company.  I like them and think they are very sweet.andyandleigh001 andyandleigh002 andyandleigh003 andyandleigh004 andyandleigh005 andyandleigh006 andyandleigh007 andyandleigh008 andyandleigh009 andyandleigh010 andyandleigh011 andyandleigh012 andyandleigh013 andyandleigh014 andyandleigh015 andyandleigh016 andyandleigh017 andyandleigh018.

Best of 2014 | Engagements

Another great year of engagement sessions.  It’s always so wonderful to get to know a couple a little bit in their element before the big day.  I love thinking about all the excitement that they have coming up, and how special this engagement time is for them.  As we are waiting for our son to be born, it makes me think about waiting for things.  Waiting for kids, waiting to start a new job, waiting to get married.  There is something in the anticipation that is just beautiful, and I love that I get to photograph a little snippet of that time.  Thanks to all the couples that shared your lives with me in 2014!engagementphotos001 engagementphotos003 engagementphotos004 engagementphotos005 engagementphotos006 engagementphotos007 engagementphotos008 engagementphotos009 engagementphotos010 engagementphotos011 engagementphotos012 engagementphotos013 engagementphotos014 engagementphotos015 engagementphotos016 engagementphotos017 engagementphotos018 engagementphotos019 engagementphotos020 engagementphotos021 engagementphotos022 engagementphotos023 engagementphotos024 engagementphotos025 engagementphotos026 engagementphotos027 engagementphotos028 engagementphotos029 engagementphotos030 engagementphotos031 engagementphotos032 engagementphotos033 engagementphotos034 engagementphotos035 engagementphotos036 engagementphotos037 engagementphotos038

Ruth and David | Engagement Photos

I know Ruth from Wilmore and have always just loved and been drawn to her sweet, bubbly, friendly personality.  Our time in Wilmore didn’t overlap as much as I would have liked, but every time we did hang out I was just so struck with how it seems like she knows no stranger and has such a heart to get to know you.  So I was thrilled when she asked if I would be available to do engagement photos for her and her sweet fiance, David.  They came up to Cincinnati to explore the city, and I took photos of them just being together and in love.  It was a cold day, but they were such troopers and I kind of love how the cold made them extra snuggly (winter has it’s ups and downs, but one thing I have always loved about it is the cuddle-factor, cuddling in the winter just makes sense).  Anyway, we had a wonderful time wondering around the city and spending the afternoon together.  (oh and p.s. we made sure the ice was completely frozen before going out on it-in face there was someone ice skating and several people playing on it!!) ruthanddavid001 ruthanddavid002 ruthanddavid003 ruthanddavid004 ruthanddavid005 ruthanddavid007 ruthanddavid008 ruthanddavid009 ruthanddavid010 ruthanddavid011 ruthanddavid012 ruthanddavid013 ruthanddavid014 ruthanddavid015 ruthanddavid016 ruthanddavid017 ruthanddavid018 ruthanddavid019 ruthanddavid020 ruthanddavid021 ruthanddavid022 ruthanddavid023 ruthanddavid024 ruthanddavid025

Samantha and Victor Engagement

These two are wonderful.  And getting to know them over a beautiful Fall evening was a pleasure. I have started to have clients fill out this worksheet where they tell me a little bit more about themselves and their love story.  I love doing this because even before I show up to the shoot, I know a little bit more about the two unique people who are about to allow me to photography them.  When I read Sam and Victor’s sheet I felt like I knew them and their sweet, coffee-filled, friends-filled, lobster-filled romance.  And through out the whole shoot I could see by the way they looked at each other that all the things they wrote on that worksheet were so very true.

Next Fall I get to see them make pledges of their love in front of family and friends and I couldn’t be more honored.samanthaandvictorblog001samanthaandvictorblog003 samanthaandvictorblog004 samanthaandvictorblog005 samanthaandvictorblog006 samanthaandvictorblog007 samanthaandvictorblog008 samanthaandvictorblog009 samanthaandvictorblog010 samanthaandvictorblog011 samanthaandvictorblog012 samanthaandvictorblog013 samanthaandvictorblog014 samanthaandvictorblog015 samanthaandvictorblog016 samanthaandvictorblog017 samanthaandvictorblog018 samanthaandvictorblog019 samanthaandvictorblog020 samanthaandvictorblog021 samanthaandvictorblog022 samanthaandvictorblog023 samanthaandvictorblog024 samanthaandvictorblog025 samanthaandvictorblog026 samanthaandvictorblog027 samanthaandvictorblog028 samanthaandvictorblog029 samanthaandvictorblog030 samanthaandvictorblog031 samanthaandvictorblog032 samanthaandvictorblog033 samanthaandvictorblog034 samanthaandvictorblog035

Jenny and Tommy Engagement

Jenny and Tommy were such a joy to photograph.  Their smiles are what really got me.  They just couldn’t stop smiling and laughing with each other.  And Jenny’s smile is out of this world so as a photographer, I couldn’t get enough of the sweetness.  It is obvious that they have a deep love for one another, and I am thrilled to be able to capture their wedding in June (when it’s warm outside again!!).
jennyandtommy002jennyandtommy001jennyandtommy003 jennyandtommy004 jennyandtommy005 jennyandtommy006 jennyandtommy007 jennyandtommy008 jennyandtommy009 jennyandtommy010 jennyandtommy011 jennyandtommy012 jennyandtommy013 jennyandtommy014 jennyandtommy015 jennyandtommy016 jennyandtommy017 jennyandtommy018 jennyandtommy019 jennyandtommy020 jennyandtommy021