Obermyer’s | Documentary Session

My heart.  This is where my photographer’s heart feels at home, happy.  Samantha is a good friend of mine, and I have gotten to know her and her family over the past couple of years as we have bonded over babies and photography.  I asked her if she would mind if I did a documentary session with her, a “day in the life” of sorts.  She was excited about it, so we did it!

We started off the session with a couple “posed” photos by the window.  I guess I would even say more directed than posed.  And then after that, we just hung out and took photos the rest of the night.  They got dinner ready, ate together, took a bath, and got ready for bed.  Families do this everyday, and have been doing this every day, in a variety of fashions, for thousands of years.  It is a simple routine, a common routine, and yet infused with beauty.

I asked Sam to write just a little bit for me about her experience with this session and here is what she had to say,

“So you may think…’why should I photograph my daily routine instead of getting all dressed up and perfect for a family photo?’…well, once you see your life on film through Steph’s eyes, you’ll understand why it means so much to have captured that moment in time. I am just in love with my day in the life session with Stephanie. I adore all the little moments that she captured that happen daily that I will miss so much in the future…but at least now I have the photographs to hold on to!” 

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Best of 2015

So it’s March 2nd.  It’s still within the first 1/4 of the year, so this post is still on time…by my standards.  By the standards of a new mama (whose babe got sick 2x this winter along with 2x colds for mama and papa etc etc), I’d say it’s right on time!  Haha.  But enough about the excuses.  This year has been so good to us.  First of all we had our little baby boy Jonah.  Being a parent is . . . INSANE!  Oh my goodness, my world has been rocked.  It’s amazing, hard, beautiful, tiring, and a million other adjectives.  Professionally it was quite a good year to.  We got to meet lot’s of amazing people, and come alongside them to photograph some really beautiful and special moments.  And since becoming a parent, my whole view of photography frown as well.  It’s opened my eyes even more to the importance of little moments and documenting and savoring the fleeting but glorious time we have been given.  So here is my year whittled down (and if a couple Jonah photos sneak their way in…I’m sorry/not sorry:))

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Baby R | Newborn Photos

So I think my heart might have melted into a million pieces while I was editing these.  Since having Jonah, newborn shoots have taken on a whole different meaning to me.  I can relate to the mamas and the papas so much more and the urgency to document this precious sweet time is all too real to me.  It is such a brief time in their little lives, but so important and so holy.  These little ones are tiny and helpless and oh so beautiful.  They make the sweetest little faces and fit so sweetly next to your body.  While editing these I just could feel that, I could feel the squishiness.  This little girl is loved and I am so happy that I was able to document her as she just starts out on this journey of life.

newbornblog001 newbornblog002 newbornblog003 newbornblog004 newbornblog005 newbornblog006 newbornblog007 newbornblog008 newbornblog009 newbornblog010 newbornblog011 newbornblog012 newbornblog013 newbornblog014 newbornblog015 newbornblog017 newbornblog018 newbornblog020 newbornblog021 newbornblog022 newbornblog023 newbornblog024

Gordon Family | Full Post

I am kind of in love with the following photos.  Over the past year or so I have really been trying do even more natural and candid shoots.  I am a photojournalist at heart, and images that really convey depth, meaning, and truth speak to me.   That is what I strive for in my own work.  I want to make images that mean something, especially to those that are being photographed.  And do me one of the best ways to do this is to document real life, real moments in an artistic and meaningful way. When I was editing these photos I just kept saying, “yes!” to myself.   I am so grateful to this family for allowing me the chance to do this by opening up their homes and hearts to my style and this kind of a shoot.

And if you are someone looking to get family photos taken, don’t be afraid to just be yourself and let me photograph your everyday.  After all, life is made up of lots of beautiful and extraordinary, ordinary moments…let me help you remember them.

gordonfamilyblog001 gordonfamilyblog002 gordonfamilyblog003 gordonfamilyblog004 gordonfamilyblog005 gordonfamilyblog006 gordonfamilyblog007 gordonfamilyblog008 gordonfamilyblog009 gordonfamilyblog010 gordonfamilyblog011 gordonfamilyblog012 gordonfamilyblog013 gordonfamilyblog014 gordonfamilyblog015 gordonfamilyblog016 gordonfamilyblog017 gordonfamilyblog018 gordonfamilyblog019 gordonfamilyblog020 gordonfamilyblog021 gordonfamilyblog022 gordonfamilyblog023 gordonfamilyblog024 gordonfamilyblog025 gordonfamilyblog026 gordonfamilyblog027 gordonfamilyblog028 gordonfamilyblog029 gordonfamilyblog030 gordonfamilyblog031 gordonfamilyblog032 gordonfamilyblog033 gordonfamilyblog034 gordonfamilyblog035 gordonfamilyblog036 gordonfamilyblog037 gordonfamilyblog038 gordonfamilyblog039 gordonfamilyblog040 gordonfamilyblog041 gordonfamilyblog042 gordonfamilyblog043 gordonfamilyblog044 gordonfamilyblog045 gordonfamilyblog046 gordonfamilyblog047 Thanks Gordon Family, you are all so very lovely and I can’t wait to see you again!

Fowler Family

This is the Fowler family.  I have photographed them several times before.  I think we counted and it was definitely over 10.  Each time is so fun and each time I am so thankful that they have chosen me to document their family.  I mean, that is beyond huge.  I have gotten to witness their family and their children grow.  I have been to their home, played with them at the park, gone to brunch with them, walked the streets of both Cincinnati and Lexington.  Yes, I am blessed to know them, and to be a witness to the beauty in which they have surrounded themselves.

This shoot ended up being a little random.  We were supposed to have an outdoor shoot, however when they got here (these rockstars drove from Lexington) it was pouring rain, like cats and dogs downpour.  Trying to think quick on my feet we decided to go the lobby of a hotel here in Cincinnati which ended up working perfectly.  Then as we were done we walked outside and the rain was gone!  We took the opportunity to go to Fountain Square and splash in the puddles and make pretty pictures.

Once again, thank you Fowlers…you are good people.

fowler2015001 fowler2015003 fowler2015004 fowler2015002 fowler2015005 fowler2015006 fowler2015007 fowler2015009 fowler2015008 fowler2015010 fowler2015016 fowler2015014 fowler2015013 fowler2015012 fowler2015011 fowler2015015 fowler2015019 fowler2015018 fowler2015020 fowler2015021 fowler2015024 fowler2015023 fowler2015022 fowler2015029 fowler2015026 fowler2015027 fowler2015025 fowler2015028 fowler2015030

Hadley Newborn

Samantha and her family are just plain wonderful.  She is a good friend of mine and this past year her friendship has meant so much to me.  I love talking shop with her – as she is a fellow (amazing) photographer and also a mamma!  Her oldest is getting close to 2 years and for the past year I have been berating her with questions about being a mom, being pregnant, balancing it all with photography etc.

Recently she and her husband and their son welcomed a new little boy into their family.  He is beyond beautiful.  And seeing him just did my heart good.  Even though I absolutely loved what I did before having Jonah, since having him, I have an even deeper love and connection to my family shoots.  Seeing little Hadley took me right back to a few months ago holding our teeny tiny little man and made me think again how amazing the first couple months of life are.

Thanks Sam for hanging out with me and being a great friend (and you’d better believe when/if we have another baby that I will be coming to you with a million questions once again:))

hadleynewborn001 hadleynewborn002 hadleynewborn003 hadleynewborn004 hadleynewborn005 hadleynewborn006 hadleynewborn007 hadleynewborn008 hadleynewborn010 hadleynewborn011 hadleynewborn012 hadleynewborn013 hadleynewborn014 hadleynewborn015 hadleynewborn016 hadleynewborn017 hadleynewborn018 hadleynewborn019 hadleynewborn020 hadleynewborn021 hadleynewborn022 hadleynewborn023 hadleynewborn024 hadleynewborn025 hadleynewborn026 hadleynewborn027 hadleynewborn028 hadleynewborn029 hadleynewborn030 hadleynewborn031 hadleynewborn032 hadleynewborn033 hadleynewborn034 hadleynewborn035 hadleynewborn036 hadleynewborn037 hadleynewborn038 hadleynewborn039 hadleynewborn040 hadleynewborn041 hadleynewborn042 hadleynewborn043

Pindela Family | Newborn

One thing I love about my job is getting to see peoples lives change through out the years as people come to me for different events in their lives.  This family has been special to me for a number of years.  It all started with Paige’s sister’s wedding, then I was blessed to document Paige (the beautiful mama in these photos) as she and Bart were married, and since then I have done a few other shoots for her and her family.  And each and every time I see them they make me feel like old friends.  They always have open arms and hearts.  The type of people that you know you are lucky to have met.

To say I feel blessed to document their lives as they embark on this new adventure of parenthood is an understatement.  I was overjoyed to be able to walk up to their door, give them a warm hug, and meet their sweet little girl.  And I won’t lie-it made me giddy with excitement to meet our own little one (in about 2 weeks)!  blogpindelafamily001 blogpindelafamily003 blogpindelafamily004 blogpindelafamily005 blogpindelafamily006 blogpindelafamily007 blogpindelafamily008 blogpindelafamily009 blogpindelafamily010 blogpindelafamily011 blogpindelafamily012 blogpindelafamily013 blogpindelafamily014 blogpindelafamily015 blogpindelafamily017 blogpindelafamily019 blogpindelafamily020 blogpindelafamily021 blogpindelafamily022 blogpindelafamily023 blogpindelafamily024 blogpindelafamily025 blogpindelafamily026

Gordon Family

Twins.  I love them.  I have twin brothers, the boys.  They would do everything together, they gave each other the best bear bugs and always seemed to know what the other is saying when maybe the rest of us don’t get it.  They are also very different, totally and completely their own persons.  They like different things, moved different places when they grew up, and even look very different.  That’s the thing about twins, there is a deep connection, but also a deep uniqueness.  And as the sister, the outsider, I still probably don’t even understand the complexity of “twinness”.

This adorable pair have a whole life ahead of them of connection, bickering, loving and finding themselves.  I love that.  If you’d like to see them when they were fresh little babes, click here!

p.s. look for some of the sweet moments where they kept touching and reaching out for each other in this session.  I think it is so neat because not many babies get to bond with other babies so deeply at such a young age.
gordonfamily001 gordonfamily002 gordonfamily003 gordonfamily004 gordonfamily005 gordonfamily006 gordonfamily007 gordonfamily008 gordonfamily009 gordonfamily010 gordonfamily011 gordonfamily012 gordonfamily013 gordonfamily014 gordonfamily015 gordonfamily016 gordonfamily017 gordonfamily018 gordonfamily019 gordonfamily020 gordonfamily021 gordonfamily022 gordonfamily023 gordonfamily024 gordonfamily025 gordonfamily026 gordonfamily027 gordonfamily028 gordonfamily029

Best of 2014 | Family Photography

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already 2 months in the past.  2015 is going to be BIG year for us, we are going to be welcoming our first son into the world in April, and I know our worlds will never ever be the same!  But this post is about the year that just was, 2014.  It was a year full of growth, fun, traveling, and love, and all sorts of good things.  I was also blessed in 2014 by many wonderful clients who allowed me to document their lives.  Whether it was a normal day spent with family, a wedding day where two become one,  first moments at home with the newborn babies, or many other times and places, I was blessed to witness these things with my camera, my eyes, and my soul.

The photos below represent some of my favorite images from times spent with sweet and wonderful families in 2014.familyfavsblog001 familyfavsblog002 familyfavsblog003 familyfavsblog004 familyfavsblog005 familyfavsblog006 familyfavsblog007 familyfavsblog008 familyfavsblog009 familyfavsblog010 familyfavsblog011 familyfavsblog012 familyfavsblog013 familyfavsblog014 familyfavsblog015 familyfavsblog016 familyfavsblog018 familyfavsblog019 familyfavsblog020 familyfavsblog021 familyfavsblog022 familyfavsblog023 familyfavsblog024 familyfavsblog025 familyfavsblog026 familyfavsblog027 familyfavsblog028 familyfavsblog029 familyfavsblog030 familyfavsblog031 familyfavsblog032 familyfavsblog034 familyfavsblog035 familyfavsblog036 familyfavsblog037 familyfavsblog038 familyfavsblog039 familyfavsblog040 familyfavsblog041 familyfavsblog042 familyfavsblog043 familyfavsblog044 familyfavsblog045 familyfavsblog046