365 | Week 9

57/365. Bath time.  Little guy has just now started to love bath time!  It is so fun, he splashes around and throws his duckies.

58/365. I took a photo on film for this day, and haven’t gotten it developed yet…will add when ready.

59/365. Inside looking out. He loves windows and going outside.  We are so excited for Spring when we can do lots of outside things!

60/365. Golden Light and Jonah talking to me.  He is getting so much more jabbery and expressive!

61/365.  Got to the end of the day without taking a photo.  This is me in the bathroom, you know being cool and doing a selfie.

62/365. This one might look mean but it’s not.  Jonah is crying because I stopped pushing him in his favorite toy.  It’s so interesting to watch him communicate with us and tell us what he wants.  He liked being pushed and didn’t want me to stop!

63/365. Hopefully this was the last day of snow….we can wish right??  I had to get one of the little man in the snow before winter is over!  It was chilly so we just went out, snapped a pic and went back in!

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Best of 2015

So it’s March 2nd.  It’s still within the first 1/4 of the year, so this post is still on time…by my standards.  By the standards of a new mama (whose babe got sick 2x this winter along with 2x colds for mama and papa etc etc), I’d say it’s right on time!  Haha.  But enough about the excuses.  This year has been so good to us.  First of all we had our little baby boy Jonah.  Being a parent is . . . INSANE!  Oh my goodness, my world has been rocked.  It’s amazing, hard, beautiful, tiring, and a million other adjectives.  Professionally it was quite a good year to.  We got to meet lot’s of amazing people, and come alongside them to photograph some really beautiful and special moments.  And since becoming a parent, my whole view of photography frown as well.  It’s opened my eyes even more to the importance of little moments and documenting and savoring the fleeting but glorious time we have been given.  So here is my year whittled down (and if a couple Jonah photos sneak their way in…I’m sorry/not sorry:))

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365 | Week 8

50/365.  We went out to din din.  I didn’t take any other photos this day….but this profile photo of my two main guys’ is pretty cute.

51/365. Two Jonah’s.  Can’t handle the cuteness, probably couldn’t handle the work either!! Haha, mama’s of twins, you are amazing.

52/365. Exploring Mama’s face.

53/365. A nice day, winter is beginning to thaw a bit.  (hilarious side note: This swing broke 1 min after this photo was taken…with us on it…Jonah was fine, so was I, so it was funny:))

54/365. Dave has cooked a lot recently, which is amazing.  He loves me through his servant-heart BIG time.  It’s kind of crazy the ways he serves Jonah and I.  And he also has been having a lot of fun cooking, which is also good. My guy (<3 hearts for days)

55/365. Getting in to trouble…I mean cabinets (these cabinets have since been baby-proofed)

56/365. Staring out the window, at the chickens.  This is one of his new favorite past times.  It’s pretty adorable right??

365_week8small-1 365_week8small-2 365_week8small-3 365_week8small-4 365_week8small-5 365_week8small-6 365_week8small-7

365 | Week 7


43/365. Blocks.

44/365. Aunt Ashley and Uncle Billy came over.  We cooked couscous and played in the light.

45/365. Valentines day snow storm.  It’s funny to write about this today because it is 60 degrees outside now.  But on Sunday it was cold and snowy.  I like how cold it looks outside while we played inside warm and cozy.

46/365. Jonah loves trying look out windows now.  He is just so eager to see what is happening all around him. Also the coffee stain on the radiator…cause real life happens.

47/365. I lead a girls small group in my house every other week.  It has kind of turned into Jonah time though…I’m kind of okay with that.

48/365. “What?”  Jonah’s new expression, he copies us and it is just too adorable.

49/365. Jonah made another baby.  They played while his and his new friend’s mommy trimmed my bangs.

365_week7001 365_week7002 365_week7003 365_week7004 365_week7005 365_week7006 365_week7007

365 | Week 6

36/365. This image makes me smile to think about the years ahead that Dave will be there for Jonah. Letting him learn and explore, but right there behind him whenever he needs him.

37/365.  Another image that will be a treasure as Dave teaches his little boy all about putting things together.  Dave loves building things, and I know he wants to share that love with Jonah someday.  Perhaps Jonah will have that love too…only time will tell.

38/365.  Our version of watching the Superbowl.  We don’t have a TV in our living room anymore.  It didn’t seem very SUPER, but that’s okay because I only found out who was playing a couple days before:)

39/356.  Night time routine.  By this time in our night, Jonah has been asleep for a couple hours.  Those hours where it is just Dave and I are special.  I love that our days are filled with our little boy, but I also love this alone time with my husband.

40/365. My heart.  The little man wasn’t feeling good.  Mama cuddles to the rescue.  I can just feel his little whispy hair against my face.

41/365. Ash Wednesday service.

42/365. One thing we are learning, it’s tiring being a parent 🙂365_week6small-1 365_week6small-2 365_week6small-3 365_week6small-4 365_week6small-5 365_week6small-6 365_week6small-7

365 | Week 5

<29/365> My two guys.  The light was gold and I liked watching them goof off in the light.  Out comes my camera.

<30/365> A walk with my friend Kelly.  The winter gives me blues and as I talked with this insightful friend she offered to go on a walk with me.  She’s a good one.

<31/365> Another beautiful day, another walk.  Rusty will never get tired of walks.  They’re like ice cream on a hot summer day or a trip to the beach, pretty much the best thing ever.

<32/365> He was on my hip.  He is on my hip a lot.  I just held the camera out and took a photo. He looked into the big black lens with curiosity.

<33/365> A messy dining room table, but looking at my boy with love.

<34/365> Cruisin’. Just cruisin’, all day everyday.

<35/365> A group of our friends come over every week for dinner and God talk.  It is really good, really encouraging, and usually there is laughter…it’s a good group.

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365 | Week 4

This week was all about getting better.  A nasty cold nestled in our house mid-week last week and stuck around for a while.  I didn’t write much at all.  But I did take photos.  Here they are. 365001365002 365003 365004 365005 365006

1. Dave being super Dad. 2. A trip to the Contemporary Arts Center. 3. Attempting to do some yoga while Dave and Jonah played on the floor. 4. Rusty and Jonah have discovered each other this week…it’s quite adorable. 5. Our bedtime routine.  We say goodnight to all our animals.  6. Dinner at a friends city loft. 7. From a coffee date with my pretty sister in law.

A picture I didn’t want to post.

Earlier today I was looking through photos on my computer of our sweet man.  I have some frames to fill and ended up re-living some special moments as I hunted for images to fill those frames.

I found the above image in a folder from when our little one was a teeny tiny baby.  I almost passed by the image.  Not because it didn’t catch my eye, it did, not because it doesn’t speak volumes to that time in our lives together, it did.  No, I almost passed by this image because I thought I looked fat.  Yep, there, I said it.  I had just had a baby a month before that.  My body had done something incredible.  Over the 40 weeks prior, my body had turned food and calories nourishment and energy into a living breathing human being.  I was a vessel for a new life to travel from the mind of the Father to this world, where he is on our minds everyday.  I can’t see a pregnant woman, or think about Jonah’s amazing beginning, with out being in complete awe how humans come to exist.

But in this photo, one of the first things I did was criticize myself. Yes, I saw the beauty in the moment.  The beauty of the way that I was looking at Jonah with the love and adoration and awe of a mother.  I saw my sweet dog in the background and the slight clutter of the room, which I neither cared to or had time to tidy up before the photo.  This photo is so beautiful to me.  But I quickly moved past it, I thought, “I won’t ever share or print that one, let’s keep looking.”

How completely tragic and how hugely does it miss this point.  One of my biggest aims in photography is to tell the truth about life.  The beauty-saturated, amazing, messy, incredible truth.  I want my clients to allow me to see that in them, and document it, and give it back to them, from my heart to theirs.  But then here I am, trying to present a “perfect” view of myself, pushing aside the beauty for something that I feel is more acceptable.

So in an act of defiance to myself, I share this photo with you.  And I ask you to look at your beautiful and wonderful and messy life and ask you to embrace it, and perhaps let me document it if you are so brave, we are in this together.

Photo by : Blythe Winslow


365 | Week 3

You were sick this week.  You were a snotty, coughy, cuddly mess.  My poor sweet boy.  But you held in there.  You played when you could, we still read our books together, made music with our xylophone, and you giggled like always when we played peek-a-boo. Yes, you did cuddle more. Oh how sweet it was when you leaned your head on my shoulder a little longer, and how it broke my heart when I heard you crying at night, finally consoled when I came in the room and scooped you up.  This was a first for us, but I am sure it won’t be our last.  You are a champ little man, and I promise to always be there with a warm hug and a shoulder to lean on. 365_015365_016 365_017 365_018 365_019365_020 week3_365-5

1. We photographed an old friends wedding.  Dave always snaps a photo of me doing what a love.  It’s fun finding these little gems as I look through the photos of the day. 2. Jonah and his cousin Jackson (well really it’s Dave’s cousin’s son, what does that make him, I never know!) got to play together at a baby shower this weekend. 3. Relaxing at Aunt Ashley’s house.  You like to bite/eat my face.  I think you are trying to give kisses :*  4. “Steph, come look!!!” I hear this from the kitchen and run in.  You have climbed on top of Daddy all by yourself.  You are both very proud.  5. Your baby-wispy hair…it’s the best. 6. My poor sick boy.  This was the worst day of the week.  You just fell asleep on my shoulder during small group and I just about melted. 7. Our friends Kelly and Ian came over for dinner.  We played cards and talked.  I hope you have good memories of our friends and learn the importance of fellowship by watching us.