Best of 2015

So it’s March 2nd.  It’s still within the first 1/4 of the year, so this post is still on time…by my standards.  By the standards of a new mama (whose babe got sick 2x this winter along with 2x colds for mama and papa etc etc), I’d say it’s right on time!  Haha.  But enough about the excuses.  This year has been so good to us.  First of all we had our little baby boy Jonah.  Being a parent is . . . INSANE!  Oh my goodness, my world has been rocked.  It’s amazing, hard, beautiful, tiring, and a million other adjectives.  Professionally it was quite a good year to.  We got to meet lot’s of amazing people, and come alongside them to photograph some really beautiful and special moments.  And since becoming a parent, my whole view of photography frown as well.  It’s opened my eyes even more to the importance of little moments and documenting and savoring the fleeting but glorious time we have been given.  So here is my year whittled down (and if a couple Jonah photos sneak their way in…I’m sorry/not sorry:))

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Helen and Adrian | Wedding

These two souls.  They are beautiful souls.  I only just met them on their wedding day, and from that brief interaction I already feel touched, feel a little bit better, they added beauty to my life.  I love that about what I do. Each wedding I photograph adds to my life, to my list of experiences.  And this wedding, this wedding added much beauty to my life.

Beauty in the form of holy tears shed during a shared and private prayer after the first look.  Beauty in a girl seeing her Dad on her wedding day and not being able to keep the emotion in.  Beauty in the form of a cross overlooking the ceremony, reminding Helen and Adrian and everyone else of the love that first loved us, that holds us all together.  Beauty in the laughter during the toasts from dear friends, and beauty in the first dance of many as husband and wife.  There was beauty in the glances they stole and the way they lingered.  There was beauty in the love that was showered upon them as their family and friends laughed and prayed and danced along side them the whole day.

This and so much more blessed my heart and made it grow just a little bit more on the holy day that these two souls were forever bonded in love.  Thank you both for the immense honor and privilege of documenting that day.

helenandadrian001 helenandadrian002 helenandadrian003 helenandadrian004 helenandadrian005 helenandadrian006 helenandadrian007 helenandadrian008 helenandadrian009 helenandadrian010 helenandadrian011 helenandadrian012 helenandadrian013 helenandadrian014 helenandadrian015 helenandadrian016 helenandadrian017 helenandadrian018 helenandadrian019 helenandadrian020 helenandadrian021 helenandadrian022 helenandadrian023 helenandadrian024 helenandadrian025 helenandadrian026 helenandadrian027 helenandadrian028 helenandadrian029 helenandadrian030 helenandadrian031 helenandadrian032 helenandadrian033 helenandadrian034 helenandadrian035 helenandadrian036 helenandadrian037 helenandadrian038 helenandadrian039 helenandadrian040 helenandadrian041 helenandadrian042 helenandadrian043 helenandadrian044 helenandadrian045 helenandadrian046 helenandadrian047 helenandadrian048 helenandadrian049 helenandadrian050 helenandadrian051 helenandadrian052 helenandadrian053 helenandadrian054 helenandadrian055 helenandadrian056 helenandadrian057 helenandadrian058 helenandadrian059 helenandadrian060 helenandadrian061 helenandadrian062 helenandadrian063 helenandadrian064 helenandadrian065 helenandadrian066 helenandadrian067 helenandadrian068 helenandadrian069 helenandadrian070 helenandadrian071 helenandadrian072 helenandadrian073 helenandadrian074music : dear true love, sleeping at last

Lauren and Matt Wedding

Lauren and Matt were married about a month ago in front of family and friends, tears were shed, vows were made, and love was given from one soul to another.  It was a beautiful day.  From the moment I walked into the home where Lauren was getting ready to the very last song where everyone was dancing and smiling, I was overwhelmed with the sense of love.  Friends love these two, families love these two, and these two deeply love each other.

A few sweet moments that stick out in my mind are the girls getting ready and Lauren’s Mom’s house and going around the circle sharing stories about Lauren through laughter and tears. What a beautiful thing to think about all the history and meaning shared between all the people that I photographed, some of whom I only got to meet for the day.  I also loved watching Lauren do a first look with her Father, I felt I was looking in on a sacred moment, blessed to document it with my camera.  Or what about watching Lauren walk down the aisle and seeing her groom waiting there with that look on his face.  So many memories were made on this beautiful day, and I am so grateful to have been able to capture a few on camera.laurenandmattwedding001 laurenandmattwedding002 laurenandmattwedding003 laurenandmattwedding004 laurenandmattwedding005 laurenandmattwedding006 laurenandmattwedding007 laurenandmattwedding008 laurenandmattwedding009 laurenandmattwedding010 laurenandmattwedding011 laurenandmattwedding012 laurenandmattwedding013 laurenandmattwedding014 laurenandmattwedding015 laurenandmattwedding016 laurenandmattwedding017 laurenandmattwedding018 laurenandmattwedding019 laurenandmattwedding020 laurenandmattwedding021 laurenandmattwedding022 laurenandmattwedding023 laurenandmattwedding024 laurenandmattwedding025 laurenandmattwedding026 laurenandmattwedding027 laurenandmattwedding028 laurenandmattwedding029 laurenandmattwedding030 laurenandmattwedding031 laurenandmattwedding032 laurenandmattwedding033 laurenandmattwedding034 laurenandmattwedding035 laurenandmattwedding036 laurenandmattwedding037 laurenandmattwedding038 laurenandmattwedding039 laurenandmattwedding040 laurenandmattwedding041 laurenandmattwedding042 laurenandmattwedding043 laurenandmattwedding044 laurenandmattwedding045 laurenandmattwedding046 laurenandmattwedding047

Katie and Aldan Wedding

Katie and Aldan’s wedding was beautiful and oh so elegant.  The were married at the Isaac M. Wise Temple in Cincinnati and celebrated their nuptials at the gorgeous Art Deco Continental Ballroom at the Hilton Netherland Plaza.  The details were beautiful, but more than that, the love between Katie and Aldan and all of their families made the night shine brighter than anything else.  katieandaldanblog001 katieandaldanblog002 katieandaldanblog003 katieandaldanblog004 katieandaldanblog005 katieandaldanblog006 katieandaldanblog007 katieandaldanblog008 katieandaldanblog009 katieandaldanblog010 katieandaldanblog011 katieandaldanblog012 katieandaldanblog013 katieandaldanblog014 katieandaldanblog015 katieandaldanblog016 katieandaldanblog017 katieandaldanblog018 katieandaldanblog019 katieandaldanblog020 katieandaldanblog021 katieandaldanblog022 katieandaldanblog023 katieandaldanblog024 katieandaldanblog025 katieandaldanblog026 katieandaldanblog027 katieandaldanblog028 katieandaldanblog029

Traci and Kyle | Cinncinnati Wedding Photography

One of the first things that I think of when I think of these two is fun and laughter.  Traci could make anyone feel at home and comfortable just by flashing that gorgeous smile.  And Kyle seems to bring out that smile like no one else.  I noticed it during the engagement session, during the portrait time of the wedding, and even during the ceremony there was laughter and smiles from check to check…the joy is overflowing from their hearts.  I bet there is never a dull moment in their house.

I also noticed and was impressed by the value that both Traci and Kyle place on family. It was obvious that the people in those front rows watching have loved these two individuals with all their hearts for years and years.  And again, this family loved to have fun together.  I am telling you, it was such a joyous occasion, you couldn’t help be smile and be so thankful that you were able to be a part of it!traciandkyleblog00001 traciandkyleblog00002storyboard001 traciandkyleblog00004 traciandkyleblog00005 traciandkyleblog00007 traciandkyleblog00008 traciandkyleblog00009 traciandkyleblog00010 traciandkyleblog00011traciandkyleblog00006 traciandkyleblog00013 traciandkyleblog00014 traciandkyleblog00015 traciandkyleblog00016 traciandkyleblog00017 traciandkyleblog00018 traciandkyleblog00019 traciandkyleblog00020 traciandkyleblog00021 traciandkyleblog00022 traciandkyleblog00023 traciandkyleblog00024 traciandkyleblog00025 traciandkyleblog00026 traciandkyleblog00027 traciandkyleblog00028 traciandkyleblog00029 traciandkyleblog00030 traciandkyleblog00031 traciandkyleblog00032 traciandkyleblog00033 traciandkyleblog00034 traciandkyleblog00035 traciandkyleblog00036 traciandkyleblog00037 traciandkyleblog00038

Katrina and Manuel | Full Post

It’s an amazing world we live in.  Amazing for so many reasons.

It’s amazing that 2 people can find each other half way across the world and fall in love.  Two hearts separated by land and sea for most of their lives, one fateful day were connected.  These two people sent messages across the ocean through the wonder of the internet (which, by the way still boggles my mind) and started something that would end (well, really begin) in Lexington, Kentucky, in a church full of Americans and Austrians, and probably other nationalities where Katrina and Manuel fought back tears as they pledged their love to one another.  Wouldn’t you agree, it’s amazing world we live in.

But to me, beyond the fact that they fell in love across the ocean, is the amazingness of love.  It is amazing because we can’t explain it.  It comes from something so much greater than ourselves.  There is a Love greater than the love we have for one another, that just spills out and over, and into our hearts, creating these feelings, bonds, and emotions that we have a hard time explaining.  It was a true blessing to be able to witness love spilling over into these two hearts.  I wish them all the blessings in the world, and hope and pray for many years of this amazing, amazing thing called love.

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