Best of 2015

So it’s March 2nd.  It’s still within the first 1/4 of the year, so this post is still on time…by my standards.  By the standards of a new mama (whose babe got sick 2x this winter along with 2x colds for mama and papa etc etc), I’d say it’s right on time!  Haha.  But enough about the excuses.  This year has been so good to us.  First of all we had our little baby boy Jonah.  Being a parent is . . . INSANE!  Oh my goodness, my world has been rocked.  It’s amazing, hard, beautiful, tiring, and a million other adjectives.  Professionally it was quite a good year to.  We got to meet lot’s of amazing people, and come alongside them to photograph some really beautiful and special moments.  And since becoming a parent, my whole view of photography frown as well.  It’s opened my eyes even more to the importance of little moments and documenting and savoring the fleeting but glorious time we have been given.  So here is my year whittled down (and if a couple Jonah photos sneak their way in…I’m sorry/not sorry:))

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Audrey and Joe | Wedding

This wedding has to be one of the most special weddings that Dave and I have ever shot. Why?  Audrey was in the youth group that we led during college (the time that we were figuring out our callings to both photography and ministry), AND Audrey’s Dad was one of the Pastors at the church that was hugely influential in both of our lives, AND he married Dave and I in Virginia one beautiful June day 6.5 years ago.

All that and so much more made this wedding rich with meaning.  I mean, dripping, saturated, can’t hold it all in meaning and goodness.  Watching Jim and Amy (Audrey’s Dad and Mom) dance while giving each other googly eyes, and listening to Meghan and Kelsey (Audrey’s sisters-also in our youth group) speak about their sister who they love and adore, or watching Joe’s face as he saw a beautiful Audrey for the first time in the church courtyard, and then again as she glided down the aisle to her groom, moments like this kept stopping me in my tracks.  I would stop and picture Audrey and her sister’s in their living room with the youth group discussing things like God and homework, and hearing them giggle about guys, or Chuck or whatever.

It is a true honor to be able to have witnessed Audrey both at that age and now getting married and beginning her new life with her husband.  I could go on and on and say how amazing it was, how I love this family, and how happy I am for all of them…but that could take a while.  So take a peek at photos that made me all warm and fuzzy.

audreyandjoe001 audreyandjoe002 audreyandjoe003 audreyandjoe004 audreyandjoe005 audreyandjoe006 audreyandjoe007 audreyandjoe008 audreyandjoe009 audreyandjoe010 audreyandjoe011 audreyandjoe012 audreyandjoe013 audreyandjoe014 audreyandjoe015 audreyandjoe016 audreyandjoe017 audreyandjoe018 audreyandjoe019 audreyandjoe020 audreyandjoe021 audreyandjoe022 audreyandjoe023 audreyandjoe024 audreyandjoe025 audreyandjoe026 audreyandjoe027 audreyandjoe028 audreyandjoe029 audreyandjoe030 audreyandjoe031 audreyandjoe032 audreyandjoe033 audreyandjoe034 audreyandjoe035 audreyandjoe036 audreyandjoe037 audreyandjoe038 audreyandjoe039 audreyandjoe040 audreyandjoe041 audreyandjoe042 audreyandjoe043 audreyandjoe044 audreyandjoe045 audreyandjoe046 audreyandjoe047 audreyandjoe048 audreyandjoe049 audreyandjoe050 audreyandjoe051 audreyandjoe052 audreyandjoe053 audreyandjoe054 audreyandjoe055 audreyandjoe056 audreyandjoe057 audreyandjoe058 audreyandjoe059 audreyandjoe060 audreyandjoe061 audreyandjoe062 audreyandjoe063 audreyandjoe064 audreyandjoe065 audreyandjoe066 audreyandjoe067 audreyandjoe068 audreyandjoe069 audreyandjoe070 audreyandjoe071 audreyandjoe072 audreyandjoe073 audreyandjoe074 audreyandjoe075 audreyandjoe076 audreyandjoe077 audreyandjoe078 audreyandjoe079 audreyandjoe080

Makella and Seth | Full Post

Oh Makella, what a sweet sweet, pure hearted, wonderful girl.  I knew Makella in undergrad at Ohio University in good old Athens, Ohio.  She is such a loving soul and everyone who meets her knows that she cares deeply for others and has such  a precious heart.  Since graduating, she has been so good at keeping in touch and every so often calls just to check in and see how everyone is doing.  A couple years ago on a few of the phone conversations we had, she would mention this musician that caught her attention.  Well it only took a couple phone calls and hearing this name, Seth, over and over again, that I knew something serious was happening.  Then I got a phone call that I love getting from dear friends such as Makella, she wanted me to document her wedding.  Of course I said yes.  Fast forward to a month or so ago, and there I was clicking and watching as she giggled through parts of the ceremony (that sweet Makella laugh), and then at other points looked so seriously and intensely at the man who she will call her husband for the rest of her life.  The day was beautiful.  We were a tiny bit worried that rain would make us have to do the ceremony in the tent, but a little 30 minute rain shower delay and we were good to go.  And call me sappy, but I think there is something beautiful and romantic about the rain.  And as the ground and trees were kissed with rain, so were Makella and Seth gently kissed with a greater love than even they know.  I couldn’t have been happier for my sweet friend.

makellaandsethblog002 makellaandsethblog003 makellaandsethblog004 makellaandsethblog005 makellaandsethblog006 makellaandsethblog007 makellaandsethblog008 makellaandsethblog009 makellaandsethblog010 makellaandsethblog011 makellaandsethblog012 makellaandsethblog013 makellaandsethblog014 makellaandsethblog015 makellaandsethblog016 makellaandsethblog017 makellaandsethblog018 makellaandsethblog019 makellaandsethblog020 makellaandsethblog021 makellaandsethblog022 makellaandsethblog023 makellaandsethblog024 makellaandsethblog025 makellaandsethblog026 makellaandsethblog027 makellaandsethblog028 makellaandsethblog029 makellaandsethblog030 makellaandsethblog031 makellaandsethblog032 makellaandsethblog033 makellaandsethblog034 makellaandsethblog035 makellaandsethblog036 makellaandsethblog037 makellaandsethblog038 makellaandsethblog039 makellaandsethblog040 makellaandsethblog041 makellaandsethblog042 makellaandsethblog043 makellaandsethblog044 makellaandsethblog045 makellaandsethblog046 makellaandsethblog047 makellaandsethblog048 makellaandsethblog049 makellaandsethblog050 makellaandsethblog051 makellaandsethblog052 makellaandsethblog053 makellaandsethblog054 makellaandsethblog055


Michelle and Alan | Full Post

The first time I met Michelle, she was with her mom.  We met in my studio and I happened to have Jonah with me.  Michelle’s mom immediately asked if she could hold Jonah – a much needed little respite while Michelle and I chatted, they made googly eyes at my son and we talked about Michelle and Alan’s wedding, and from that point on I knew that I liked them and documenting their wedding would be a joy.

And a joy it was.  I love walking into these beautiful, amazing, and special days in peoples lives and witnessing them with my camera.  I saw the dogs wander back and forth as all the bridesmaids buzzed around, wondering what I all the fuss was about.  I witnessed a father seeing his daughter dressed up all in white, I saw a mother and daughter share a special moment before the hustle and bustle began.  I saw a groom get teary eyed as he saw his bride walk down the aisle, and a little quite kiss after the ceremony when (almost) no-one was looking.  I saw first dances and laughter and so much joy.  I saw all these things and more.  Please enjoy these photos that show just a little bit of the beauty.

michelleandalanblog001 michelleandalanblog002 michelleandalanblog003 michelleandalanblog004 michelleandalanblog005 michelleandalanblog006 michelleandalanblog007 michelleandalanblog008 michelleandalanblog010 michelleandalanblog011 michelleandalanblog012 michelleandalanblog013 michelleandalanblog014 michelleandalanblog015 michelleandalanblog016 michelleandalanblog017 michelleandalanblog018 michelleandalanblog019 michelleandalanblog020 michelleandalanblog021 michelleandalanblog022 michelleandalanblog023 michelleandalanblog024 michelleandalanblog025 michelleandalanblog026 michelleandalanblog027 michelleandalanblog028 michelleandalanblog029 michelleandalanblog030 michelleandalanblog031 michelleandalanblog032 michelleandalanblog033 michelleandalanblog034 michelleandalanblog035 michelleandalanblog036 michelleandalanblog037 michelleandalanblog038 michelleandalanblog039 michelleandalanblog040 michelleandalanblog041 michelleandalanblog042 michelleandalanblog043 michelleandalanblog044 michelleandalanblog045 michelleandalanblog046 michelleandalanblog047 michelleandalanblog048 michelleandalanblog049 michelleandalanblog050 michelleandalanblog051 michelleandalanblog052 michelleandalanblog053 michelleandalanblog054 michelleandalanblog055 michelleandalanblog056 michelleandalanblog057 michelleandalanblog058 michelleandalanblog059 michelleandalanblog060 michelleandalanblog061 michelleandalanblog062 michelleandalanblog063

Ashley and Mike

I have done a couple weddings and shoots for old friends from high school.  It is so interesting to see people years later after lives change and grow.  I didn’t know Ashley or Mike in school, but Dave did, he went to school with Ashley and her twin brother, Matt.  This is really the first shoot we have done for one of his friends.  Dave’s family was friends with Ashley’s family in Hudson.  It was neat to be there with Dave, watching him talking, shooting, and reminiscing about high school.  I love how life carries us on all these paths and we just kind of are along for the ride.  One day your in high school going to class, reading and doing homework, and the next you are walking down the aisle to your soon to be husband, or your taking photos of that person walking down the aisle as a wedding photographer.  Life is so wonderful and random.

We are so happy for Ashley and Mike.  They are so sweet and so in love.  From what I can tell, they have a quiet love.  Not necessarily flashy or showy, but deep, sweet, and abiding, rooted in the Greatest love of all.  They were surrounded by a beautiful menagerie of family and friends that were so supportive with hearts so full.  What a lovely day it was!  Thank you Mike and Ashley for allowing us in on your special day!

ashleyandmike001 ashleyandmike002 ashleyandmike003 ashleyandmike004 ashleyandmike005 ashleyandmike006 ashleyandmike007 ashleyandmike008 ashleyandmike009 ashleyandmike010 ashleyandmike011 ashleyandmike012 ashleyandmike013 ashleyandmike014 ashleyandmike015 ashleyandmike016 ashleyandmike017 ashleyandmike018 ashleyandmike019 ashleyandmike020 ashleyandmike021 ashleyandmike022 ashleyandmike023 ashleyandmike024 ashleyandmike025 ashleyandmike026 ashleyandmike027 ashleyandmike028 ashleyandmike029 ashleyandmike030 ashleyandmike031 ashleyandmike032 ashleyandmike033 ashleyandmike034 ashleyandmike035 ashleyandmike036 ashleyandmike037 ashleyandmike038 ashleyandmike039 ashleyandmike040 ashleyandmike041 ashleyandmike042 ashleyandmike043 ashleyandmike044 ashleyandmike045

Jenny and Tommy

Okay, so it’s time to dust off this little old blog and decorate it’s shelves with some fresh new images.  Since our little guy was born 3 months ago, I took some time off of shooting and just spent time soaking up his newness. I have also been adjusting to our new lives and schedules and routines.  I am no where near completely adjusted and feel like being a working mama will be a whole new crazy, but wonderful, journey.

Jenny and Tommy’s wedding was my first wedding back after Jonah was born, and what a way to go back.  The two sweethearts that got married had so much love for one another, and their sweet laughter and sideways glances showed that off.  I remembered from their engagement session the sweet way Tommy would make Jenny throw her head back in laughter, and how you could just feel that they were totally comfortable with each other.  That same thing happened at their wedding.  I loved when they walked out of the ceremony and were just bubbly and on cloud nine.  Another thing I love about weddings, and was reminded of once again, is the fact that I get to see the sweet love of peoples families.  I always love hanging out before the ceremony when the bride is getting ready because I get to see the her with family and friends all giddy with excitement.  Jenny and her people were definitely filled with excitement and love.  I especially love when Jenny “accidentally” saw her Dad for the first time and there were tears of joy and lots of hugging.

I could go on accounting why I was so lucky to kick off my 2015 season with these two, but I’ll just let the photos talk.

Thanks Jenny and Tommy for allowing me into your special moments with camera!

jennyandtommyweddingblog001 jennyandtommyweddingblog002 jennyandtommyweddingblog003 jennyandtommyweddingblog004 jennyandtommyweddingblog005 jennyandtommyweddingblog006 jennyandtommyweddingblog007 jennyandtommyweddingblog008 jennyandtommyweddingblog009 jennyandtommyweddingblog011 jennyandtommyweddingblog012 jennyandtommyweddingblog013 jennyandtommyweddingblog014 jennyandtommyweddingblog015 jennyandtommyweddingblog016 jennyandtommyweddingblog017 jennyandtommyweddingblog018 jennyandtommyweddingblog019 jennyandtommyweddingblog020 jennyandtommyweddingblog021 jennyandtommyweddingblog022 jennyandtommyweddingblog023 jennyandtommyweddingblog024 jennyandtommyweddingblog025 jennyandtommyweddingblog026 jennyandtommyweddingblog027 jennyandtommyweddingblog028 jennyandtommyweddingblog029 jennyandtommyweddingblog030 jennyandtommyweddingblog031 jennyandtommyweddingblog032 jennyandtommyweddingblog033 jennyandtommyweddingblog034 jennyandtommyweddingblog035 jennyandtommyweddingblog036 jennyandtommyweddingblog037 jennyandtommyweddingblog038 jennyandtommyweddingblog039 jennyandtommyweddingblog040 jennyandtommyweddingblog041 jennyandtommyweddingblog042 jennyandtommyweddingblog043 jennyandtommyweddingblog044 jennyandtommyweddingblog045 jennyandtommyweddingblog046 jennyandtommyweddingblog047 jennyandtommyweddingblog048 jennyandtommyweddingblog049 jennyandtommyweddingblog050 jennyandtommyweddingblog051 jennyandtommyweddingblog052 jennyandtommyweddingblog053 jennyandtommyweddingblog054 jennyandtommyweddingblog055 jennyandtommyweddingblog056 jennyandtommyweddingblog057 jennyandtommyweddingblog058 jennyandtommyweddingblog059 jennyandtommyweddingblog060 jennyandtommyweddingblog061 jennyandtommyweddingblog062 jennyandtommyweddingblog063 jennyandtommyweddingblog064 jennyandtommyweddingblog065

Lauren and Dan | Wedding

This was our first wedding of the New Year and our last wedding before our little boy is born, and what a way to start/end!  We were able to spend it with two wonderful people named Lauren and Dan.  Lauren and Dan are friends of ours who we know through Asbury and through the United Methodist Church here in Ohio.  They are wonderful people and spending the day with them was so good.

They laughed a lot, there were some tears, and there was so much love.  There first look was one of my favorites that I have seen, their smiles were ear to ear and they cuddled and hugged like crazy and Dan giggled and laughed when he saw his bride.  I love this because that is the same reaction Dave had when I told him we were pregnant.  It’s such a sweet and loving laugh, like he can’t believe how lucky he is to be marrying this girl, like the absurdity of the beauty overwhelmed him.  I think both Dave and I were grinning ear to ear during the first look (and pretty much all day :))

I’m also going to try something new with this blog post.  Because I believe that these images are more than just pretty photos, but peoples stories, little parts of their history, I thought I would include some personal information from the couple about their big day sprinkled through out the post.  Enjoy!!

laurenanddanweddingblog058_ laurenanddanweddingblog059_ laurenanddanweddingblog060_ laurenanddanweddingblog061_ laurenanddanweddingblog062_“Dan laughs that instead of touching him to turn around fro the first-look, that I “pushed him” as if I were trying to scare him. “ laurenanddanweddingblog063_ laurenanddanweddingblog064_ laurenanddanweddingblog065_ laurenanddanweddingblog066_ laurenanddanweddingblog067_ laurenanddanweddingblog068_“I remember the attendants all coming in at the same time after the first look and standing and just laughing, and crying and looking around. There’s an image of all of them standing in the doorway that won’t leave my mind.” -Lauren laurenanddanweddingblog069_ laurenanddanweddingblog070_ laurenanddanweddingblog071_ laurenanddanweddingblog072_ laurenanddanweddingblog073_ laurenanddanweddingblog074_ laurenanddanweddingblog075_ laurenanddanweddingblog076_ laurenanddanweddingblog077_ laurenanddanweddingblog078_ laurenanddanweddingblog079_ laurenanddanweddingblog080_ laurenanddanweddingblog081_ laurenanddanweddingblog082_ laurenanddanweddingblog083_ laurenanddanweddingblog084_ laurenanddanweddingblog085_ laurenanddanweddingblog086_ laurenanddanweddingblog087_ laurenanddanweddingblog088_I asked Lauren and Dan to give me a moment that stuck out in their heads, “When Lauren started walking down the aisle,” was Dan’s sweet and simple answer.  storyboard001“I don’t remember much about walking down the aisle, but I remember finally looking at Dan when I was close to end and realizing he was crying all while having the biggest grin I’ve ever seen.” – Lauren laurenanddanweddingblog090_ laurenanddanweddingblog091_ laurenanddanweddingblog092_ laurenanddanweddingblog093_ laurenanddanweddingblog094_ laurenanddanweddingblog095_ laurenanddanweddingblog096_ laurenanddanweddingblog097_ laurenanddanweddingblog100_ laurenanddanweddingblog101_ laurenanddanweddingblog102_ laurenanddanweddingblog103_“Our first dance was awkward and funny for us to dance too because the wrong song got played, but we couldn’t figure out why until about half-way through the song. We’re the only ones that knew, and we’re bad dancers anyways, so it’s our little joke when we hear either of the songs now.”  laurenanddanweddingblog099_laurenanddanweddingblog104_

If you had three words to describe the day what would they be:
1. Stunning
2. Awaited
3. Joyous

Best of 2014 | Weddings

Now for the last installment of my “Best Of” series.  Weddings. Emotions are high, love is everywhere, every one is all fancied up and happy, friends and family who rarely get to see each other are hugging and laughing, two people are making memories that will stick with them for their entire lives.  Weddings are special, and what an honor and joy that I am able to be a part of them.  Sometimes I can hardly believe that I get to do this as my job.  Thank you to all my couples and friends that I have gotten to know over the past year.  Remember the day you got married, through photos, through your memory, through each other.  Congratulations.
wedding002 wedding003 wedding004 wedding005 wedding006 wedding007 wedding008 wedding009 wedding010 wedding011 wedding012 wedding013 wedding014 wedding015 wedding016 wedding017 wedding018 wedding019 wedding020 wedding021 wedding022 wedding023 wedding024 wedding025 wedding026 wedding027 wedding028 wedding029 wedding030 wedding031 wedding032 wedding033 wedding034 wedding035 wedding036 wedding037 wedding038 wedding039 wedding040 wedding041 wedding042 wedding043 wedding044 wedding045 wedding046 wedding047 wedding048 wedding049 wedding050 wedding051 wedding052 wedding053 wedding054 wedding055 wedding056 wedding057 wedding058 wedding059 wedding060

Caitlin and Brian Wedding Photos

Christmas time is a special time of year no matter what, but for Caitlin and Brian, Christmas will always bring memories of one of the most important days of their lives.  The were married in Mid-December surrounded by family and friends and Christmas-warmth.  From all the vintage Christmas decortaions to the candle-light, spirit-filled service, to the hot cocoa bar at the reception, it was such an amazing, cozy, and magical day.  Caitlin and Brian were married at Estes Chapel in Wilmore, Kentucky, a place that many of your readers might know as a special place to Dave and I.  Estes is the beautiful chapel on Asbury Seminary’s campus where Dave attended for 4 years, and were we spent the first 4 years of our marriage.  There is just something special about that place.  I am always thrilled for the chance to spend a little time on that campus, something about it just feeds your soul.

It was a beautiful day filled with so much love and joy.  My heart is filled with warmth and joy for these two and I wish them a lifetime of beautiful Christmas’s, New Years, and all the rest of the holidays of the year! caitlinandbrianweddingblog001caitlinandbrianweddingblog002caitlinandbrianweddingblog003caitlinandbrianweddingblog004caitlinandbrianweddingblog005caitlinandbrianweddingblog006caitlinandbrianweddingblog007caitlinandbrianweddingblog008caitlinandbrianweddingblog009caitlinandbrianweddingblog010caitlinandbrianweddingblog011caitlinandbrianweddingblog012caitlinandbrianweddingblog013caitlinandbrianweddingblog014caitlinandbrianweddingblog015caitlinandbrianweddingblog016caitlinandbrianweddingblog017caitlinandbrianweddingblog018caitlinandbrianweddingblog019caitlinandbrianweddingblog020caitlinandbrianweddingblog021caitlinandbrianweddingblog022caitlinandbrianweddingblog023caitlinandbrianweddingblog024caitlinandbrianweddingblog025caitlinandbrianweddingblog026caitlinandbrianweddingblog027caitlinandbrianweddingblog028caitlinandbrianweddingblog029caitlinandbrianweddingblog030caitlinandbrianweddingblog031caitlinandbrianweddingblog032caitlinandbrianweddingblog033caitlinandbrianweddingblog034caitlinandbrianweddingblog035caitlinandbrianweddingblog036caitlinandbrianweddingblog037caitlinandbrianweddingblog038caitlinandbrianweddingblog039caitlinandbrianweddingblog040caitlinandbrianweddingblog041caitlinandbrianweddingblog042caitlinandbrianweddingblog043caitlinandbrianweddingblog044caitlinandbrianweddingblog046caitlinandbrianweddingblog045caitlinandbrianweddingblog047caitlinandbrianweddingblog048caitlinandbrianweddingblog049caitlinandbrianweddingblog050caitlinandbrianweddingblog051caitlinandbrianweddingblog052caitlinandbrianweddingblog053caitlinandbrianweddingblog054caitlinandbrianweddingblog055caitlinandbrianweddingblog056caitlinandbrianweddingblog057caitlinandbrianweddingblog058caitlinandbrianweddingblog059caitlinandbrianweddingblog060caitlinandbrianweddingblog061caitlinandbrianweddingblog062caitlinandbrianweddingblog063caitlinandbrianweddingblog064caitlinandbrianweddingblog065