Another new venture for my blog.   I am going to tell you right now that I will miss some weeks, but in general, I want share more. The things I post on Thursday will be about myself, what has been occupying my mind recently. Tuesdays will be more oriented towards my “day job”.

I have been thinking recently about making healthy choices.  Yes, that means when I am in church and that other doughnut is calling my name, but it is more than that.  It is physical, emotional and spiritual. You see, I have been struggling with mild anxiety and depression on and off since college.  I say that and am in some ways feel embarrassed to admit it – like I failed somehow.  I know, however, that it is all too common in this world where it seems to be the media’s job to make us as stressed and anxious as possible, where our bodies protest our poor diets and lack of movement, where thinking about God and relating to the spiritual world is unimportant or weird, and where we don’t spend enough time outside letting the suns rays hit our skin.

That is where choices come into play.  So often I make choices that I know are not good for me.  It could be food related, it could be a bad habit of checking my phone every free minute, or not giving myself time to pray and meditate. Just as I was writing this post, I was drinking a coffee.  Now I know that coffee makes me feel anxious, especially when I drink it in the afternoon, but I love the taste of it so much that sometimes I ignore the good choice and listen to that craving telling me, “but it will be so good”.

As I began to think about what to write, health kept popping into my mind, well it is hard to write about health and healthy choices when you are actively going against what you know is right.  So I marched right over to the sink and dumped the coffee out, one good decision.  Earlier today I met with a friend and we walked around the zoo, we stretched our muscles, got vitamin D in the sunshine and were able to be in community with one another.  Those were good decisions.  But don’t worry, I made some bad ones too.  There is a website that I can get on and just waste time (perhaps you know which one I speak of;)) and when I click that x button at the top of the screen I feel drained, and a little bit more empty.  It’s not that it is bad in and of itself, but I just use it as a space filler, never letting myself breath, always remaining too connected.

And those were all just decisions from today.  Everyday we come face to face with decisions.  Will we chose the things that are good for us, that give us life and help us grow, or will we chose the things we know will drain us, deplete us?  Here is to you and me and making those life giving choices!

jonahsteph-1-2This photo represents one good decision.  Yesterday Dave and I were going to go out for ice cream after dinner.  It was further away and obviously wouldn’t have been good for us.  Also, Jonah would not have had as much fun.  Here we are at the park with an apple and some water.  We had so much fun! julie_morning-1My friend who I talked about above.  This photo was taken by her son.

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